Monday, July 1, 2013

Sunday Funday!

I started the day with a 6 mile run. Yep, 6 freakin miles in 1:10. The first mile is still my hardest.

My parents brought Logan over to swim.
He looks so funny with the "gobbles" on.
CANNONBALL!!! He was also being attacked by his Nonk with the water gun.
Getting Nonk back.
Random purchase of the weekend. This thing is so cool! It's a bluetooth speaker that you play through your iPhone of iPad. ABBA was blaring in Home Depot when we were there Saturday. It was coming from one of these. We knew it would be perfect by the pool. We have outdoor speakers on the patio but to hear them from the pool they have to be loud & if anyone is on the patio it's a little too loud. This is the perfect solution.
Isn't it cute? I bought the iron pole at Big Lots. I need to take a better pic because it's really pretty & it was only $12!

Just because I thought this one was funny!

How was your weekend?



  1. That portable speaker is pretty cool! We have our Serius receiver in a boom box in the back works out well for us. Your pool looks wonderful...we need one today! It's been so hot the last week. Have a great day!!

  2. MMMMM SO AMAZING pics:) your blog Is really great.

    Check out my new post and have a great weekend dear:)

    LOVE Maria from