Wednesday, July 10, 2013


There will be no pictures of food today!

Half Marathon training is really starting to get tough. Sunday I had a 7 mile run to tackle. I was scared. I did 6 the week before but for some reason 7 really scared me. Not to mention I was having sinus issues & couldn't breathe through my nose. That makes for a great run! Guess what? I did it. No walk breaks. 1:16 minutes. Last week I ran 6 miles in 1:10. Definitely progress. For the first time I actually feel like I might be able to run 13.1!!!

Check this out!
Yep, that's calories burned. I started my heart rate monitor when I started walking. I normally do a 5 minute warm up walk before I start running. I stopped it about 10 mins. after I finished my run. Considering the way I ate last weekend I needed this!

Monday was a much needed rest day. My legs were a tad sore. I thought about going to Yoglates but I figured after running 7 miles, 150 squats probably wouldn't be a smart move.

Tuesday it was time to run again. Normally, Tuesdays are Yoglates days but my favorite teacher is out for the month of July. I can't handle the crazy chick so I've switched my days around. Anyway, a 4.5 mile run was on the schedule. As usual during the week I was slow. 51:55 for 4.5 miles. I don't really care since I'm doing good with my long runs. I can't even believe I just typed that. Who would've ever thought 4.5 miles wasn't a long run for me???
This deserved a treat!! I had Yogurtland on my way home from work. I said I didn't have pictures but did you really think food wasn't going to come up at all? Apparently, during the summer there are special flavors each month. One of the flavors this month is Carrot Cake. We saw the commercial the other night. Dean made a face but I wasn't so sure that it would be awful. Guess what? It was DELICIOUS!! Well, if you like carrot cake, which I do. Now, I do draw the line with getting the grated carrots as a topping. Cheesecake bites & just a little pump of caramel are perfect. Next time I may even skip the cheesecake bites. This stuff doesn't need a topping. Once I finished my froyo I went for a swim. I don't understand how 5 degrees makes such a difference in water temp & how it gets that much warmer from Sunday to Tuesday. Sunday it was almost cold, yesterday almost hot. I swam laps so I got some arm work in. I wish I could wear my HRM in the pool. I'd love to know how many calories I'm burning. It definitely gets your heart rate up.

This morning I went to Yoglates. The holiday last week messed me up & I only went once. This teacher isn't crazy but she's pretty close to it. I'm sucking it up because she's the lesser of 2 evils. At least she wears shorts & a tank unlike crazy chick with her leggings, long sleeve shirt & sweatshirt. It's 90+ degrees people!! Looking at her makes me want to pass out. Today's teacher said this was one of the hardest routines she's ever done. GREAT! I almost didn't get out of bed this morning. Each Tuesday evening the teachers are taught the new routine for the week. It was hard. Really hard but the worst part of it was the preggo chick next to me probably kept up with it better than I did!! I skipped a few reps at different points when I thought I was about to die. sigh.
I wish I would've weighed before & after. I'm pretty sure I lost several pounds from the sweat.

Now that I'm going on longer runs I know I need something to hold stuff. I've seen a lot of different kinds but I didn't want anything that looked like a fanny pack. I HATE fanny packs.  Not to mention I think having something bulky around my waist would highly annoy me. I'm very easily annoyed. One day Amber mentioned on her blog that she bought a Flip Belt. It looked like it would be perfect for me so I ordered one. LOVE IT! It's basically just a stretchy band with a little spot that you can slip your stuff into. I wear it more along my hips than my stomach & it doesn't bother me at all. On my long run I put some gels in it & my phone. I have an arm holder for my phone but on my last long run it chafed/brush burned me so bad I haven't been able to wear it. For a shorter run I wore it on my other arm but it felt weird. The Flip Belt is the perfect solution. It's also easy to adjust the volume too. There's plenty of room. I could've put my keys & other stuff in it. I'm trying to figure out a way to bring water or Powerade with me on the long runs. A bottle won't fit in the belt but I don't drink a whole bottle while running. I need to find some little small container to put some in & it would fit fine. You know, like the mini alcohol bottles you get when you fly?? Anyway, I love my Fit Belt & highly recommend it & nobody paid me to say that (sadly) or gave me a free Fit Belt (I spent $25 of my own money)!



  1. Look at or amazon for a handheld nathan water bottle or a fuelbelt hydration system. I like having the handheld version, but my dad and Brandon have the fuelbelts b/c they can't stand to hold anything when they run. You did great on your long run!!!

  2. Way to go on the running! I've seen the fuelbelts as well. I've always wondered what I would do *if* I was a runner because I have to have my water bottle when working out.