Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Good thing I have a lot of hair!

One day last week this happened.
That would be a ponytail holder & some of my hair. Just in case you weren't sure! When I exercise I want no hair touching my face. A ponytail isn't sufficient. Have you ever hit yourself in the face with your sweaty wet pony? Not fun! Normally, I put my hair in a pony & then pull it not all the way through the holder so it's secure & basically it's in a messy knot/bun thingy. It's not pretty but it works like a charm. Until last week. When I was taking the pony down the holder was stuck in my hair. After spending forever trying to get it out I realized it wasn't going to happen & if I wanted to get to work sort of on time something needed to be done. I got out my handy dandy hair cutting scissors. Yes, I have a pair. I've been known to cut my own bangs in the past BUT I'm fully recovered & don't do that anymore. So, you can see there's a little knot in the band. I knew I just needed to get the scissors in there to loosen it up & my hair would be free. I didn't anticipate what happened next. These scissors are sharp. Even only using one side of the scissors. The next thing I know the band was out of my hair along with hair & my finger was bleeding. Apparently, when you use one side of the scissors they act as thinning shears. As it turns out that's a good thing because it didn't just make a straight across cut. I can't even figure out where the hair came from. I bandaged myself up & was good to go. This did cause me to wonder about something. If I cut myself or even get a paper cut I bleed like I've been stabbed with a machete. However, when I have blood drawn they can't find a vein & when they do blood doesn't come out. WTH??? 
I do believe I've finally found Greek yogurt that I LOVE!!! Apparently, Mango is my fruit. I have a hard time with fruit. I like some but none of it enough to eat regularly except maybe grapes. Bananas are ok but I don't like them on their own. I prefer them in smoothies. After having mango in my salad I decided that I liked it. When I saw the yogurt I decided to try it. SO GOOD!! I like it better than the pineapple.

Since we talked last I've ran another 5 miles. That was Tuesday. I also caught up on Real Housewives of Orange County when I got home from work yesterday & I did an arm weight workout while I watched. My legs were really tired after yesterday's run. I've ran 29 miles in the last 10 days. Not a lot for some but for me it is. Today would've normally been a Yoglates day but I really didn't think I could get through 100+squats. Instead I got up & did a 45 min. weight workout on my arms. I was able to watch the first episode of the new season of Guiliana & Bill while I worked out. I love them!! Back to running tomorrow!



  1. Sorry about the hair but the yogurt looks good, Traci. Mangoes are some of my favorite fruits. I plan to plant a tree in FL...Christine

  2. Glad you didn't cut yourself worse than that or take out too much hair! Maybe a scrunchie would work better.

  3. I know what you mean about hair in your face when you are working out. lol, I don't work out, but when I'm out in the garden, I can't stand hair in my face. I use a stretchy headband to hold the wisps of hair back. Nothing like hair sticking to your hot, sweaty face! ps, I still cut my own bangs.

  4. Whew! Glad you didn't loose any more hair than that!!!! I always bleed a lot when I cut myself too.... and they can never find a vein when I have to have blood taken. I have just given up and tell them to just take it out of my hand now. Congrats on running 29miles in 10 are amazing :o) Have a great weekend!

  5. Pleased anyone did not cut your self even worse or even take out an excessive amount of hair! Perhaps a scrunchie would work better.

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