Friday, July 19, 2013


So very excited that it's Friday!! The only thing that could be better was if it was 4:30 & I was walking out the door to go home.

We have no real plans this weekend. Unless of course you count bringing my car to have the tires rotated & oil changed & doing lots of stuff around the house like pressure washing, weed pulling & vacuuming the pool. I guess I should rephrase that. We have lots of not fun plans. Still better than being at work! Of course we'll go out to eat at some point. That's a given. Maybe I'll have time to fit in a visit to the nail salon & a trip to Yogurtland.

Speaking of Yogurtland, I can't remember if I mentioned how awesome the Carrot Cake flavor is. Y'all it's really good!! I went yesterday.  I got half carrot cake, half coconut with little cheesecake bites. REALLY GOOD!! In case you didn't know, the cheesecake bites are lower in calories than candy & they're so good.

Yesterday I ran 5 miles. Today I went to Yoglates. I figured something out today. Running has really helped me with Yoglates. I always thought it was the other way around & I think that's true to a certain extent but I can definitely tell that my stamina is better  & my core seems to be stronger. Today was the first time I went to Yoglates since last Friday. Before if I only went once a week it was really really hard. Not that it wasn't hard but I only skipped a couple of reps & I didn't feel like I was dying. Always a good thing. In fact, I really liked this weeks routine.  This weekend my long run is only 6.2 miles. I get a bit of a break. I'm excited about that.

I had my 6 month boob check yesterday. All is good. I really love my Doctor. The last time I was there we started talking about running & she pretty much convinced me that I could run a half marathon. Not long after I saw on Facebook there was a special & the registration fee for the half a local hospital sponsors was half price. I figured it must be a sign so I registered. Anyway, much to the chagrin of the FULL waiting room, she hung out with me for 25 minutes talking about running. She's training for her first full. Remember when I passed out at the Doctor's office last year? Yeh, same Doctor. She stayed with me the whole time then too checking my pulse & all that good stuff. I guess this means I can't ever get annoyed if I have to wait.

Is anyone watching Real Housewives? I really like OC. I've watched 3 or 4 of New Jersey, I'm done. It's just the same fight over & over & over. Speaking of TV, Giuliana & Bill are back. LOVE THEM!!! This is by far my favorite of the reality shows.

Have a great weekend!



  1. Yay for a good report! I love Real Housewives of OC!! Have a great weekend!

  2. I hope you do run the half marathon...I know so many that do those and they get so much mentally out of it. Your doctor sounds wonderful. Why did you pass out last time?

    I get bits and pieces of all the housewives shows as my daughter has them on 24/7. I started out watching NJ and I guess I'm just a sucker for all the drama! lol!

    Have a great weekend, I'm sure it beats work!


  3. Your week end sounds about as exciting as ours. I would LOVE to lounge in the pool and get some sun, but the weather man is saying that won't happen here.

  4. Hi Traci! I admire you for keeping up with your exercise routines. I wish I had your will power....Christine