Monday, July 22, 2013


Imagine that, a post about food on a Monday. I know it's surprising. Yes, that's sarcasm. One day life will get exciting again & I'll have something more to blog about.

Have y'all ever had this candy?
I thought Hershey's chocolate was the best. This stuff blows it out of the water. One of the guys I work with gave  me some different flavors for Administrative Professionals Day. I had the sea salt & something or other. Maybe caramel? It was good but I love regular chocolate & almond. It's so good! The fact that it's so good makes this little feat even more impressive - I opened it about a month ago & I haven't finished it yet! I just eat a couple of squares when I want chocolate. It's like 20 calories per square. I highly suggest you buy some if you're a fan of chocolate! Or maybe not if you're a fan of being thin.

Friday night we had our usual dinner at Caliente but it was just Dean & I. The rest of our crew was out of town. I didn't take any pictures because by now you've seen all the food that I get there. I went with fish tacos. Trying to be a little healthy but then I go & ruin it. Instead of getting the grilled veggies & other rice that comes with the tacos, I got fried rice or whatever they call the brown Mexican rice & refried beans. 5 years ago if you would've told me I'd be eating that stuff weekly I would've laughed in your face.

Saturday we woke up bright & early to bring my car to get the oil changed & tires rotated. Such fun. Throw a Sam's trip in where we didn't buy anything that we didn't need & it was just a barrel of laughs. Next up I was yard girl pulling weeds while Dean played pool boy & vacuumed out the pool. It was hot & humid! Yeh, I know, it's July in South Louisiana. I pulled weeds in the front yard & the back yard. When I had the whole vision of a tropical paradise, I neglected to envision all the weeds that we would have to contend with. Seriously, I think I could go outside every single day & pull weeds. Did I mention it was hot? When I was finished I was just as tired as last week when I had my 8 mile run. I called it a day after all the weed pulling & got in the pool & swam some laps. It was a rest day as far as running was concerned but I'm trying to get these arms into shape.

Saturday afternoon we went to pick up my car & the plan was to go to Mass. Well, when we got to Mass the A/C was broken. Um, yeh, remember how I mentioned it was hot? We moved on to another Church. After Mass we went to dinner at a local place, Bistro Byronz. The last time we were there we saw the Blue Cheese chips after we'd ordered another appetizer & I vowed that the next time we were there we were trying them. The were sooooo goood!!!
The chips are homemade & they're topped with some sort of melted cheese & blue cheese crumbles. These are a must! For my entree I had the Creole Pasta. It was really good too.
Shrimp, spinach, grated cheese in a creamy sauce. DELISH!!!

Sunday I got up early, like 5:45 early to get my run in. It was crazy hot & humid. I'm so glad I was out early. This week I only had to do 6.2 miles. It was harder because it was so hot.

I was excited to see that I had all positive splits since it was so hot. My miles always start slow
& I get a little faster. I'm determined to have 1 mile under 10 minutes at some point. Hopefully, once it cools off I'll be faster. We'll see.
Burned a ton of calories. I managed to do well with my eating yesterday too.  Once I finished my run  I got in the pool & swam laps. Then I had to go to Walmart. Ugh. If we ever win the lottery I'll never set foot in another Walmart. That's a promise! I went with no makeup on & my hair was wet. I did put it in a ponytail & put a hat on so I wasn't total white trash. I expected to see 9,000 people I knew because of how I looked but I lucked out & didn't see anyone!
I love this cereal! Well, this is the first time I've tried this particular flavor because they were out of the one I normally buy. Another reason I hate Walmart...... Anyway, this stuff is good. It was dinner last night. Try it.

After a lovely nap I went & had my nails done & then treated myself to Yogurtland. I'm wondering if I can call it treating myself when I go at least once a week?



  1. Those potatoes look wonderful! We had crazy humid weather here last week humid! It rained a couple days...we managed to get our walks in though...Don has bad he can't run any's we walk fast! It is hard in the humid weather...we're not used to this...but this Summer has been really humid! Yuck! Have a great Monday!!

  2. OMG, everything you eat always looks soooooo delicious!!!! LOL I swear I could pull weeds every day in my yard too! Where DO they come's never ending I swear!!! Have a great week & stay cool :o)

  3. I'm instantly hunger after seeing all of this great food.

  4. I have to say that you do balance all of your eating out with some rigorous exercise...I am so lame. I would rather starve myself than run or go to the gym! But I do understand, exercise is a great stress reliever for so many. Keep it up.


  5. You have some exciting times like we do. Always look forward to Monday just so I can catch my breath -- ha ha! Totally agree about Walmart -- would love not to go there, but hate to pay more for groceries than I have to. Argh!

  6. There is a place in Florida that has chips like that...omg, so good. You are killing me with the food pictures on this post! I find that when I eat something high fat now, I just want more high fat stuff. It creates a monster for a day or two after as I don't eat more but sure want to. I wish we had a yogurt place here. I buy mine in the freezer section, but any time we leave town we go on a hunt for a yogurt and topping place. Yummy!