Thursday, May 2, 2013

What a week!

I don't about y'all but I'm ready for this week to be OVER! Tuesday I took the day off because a longtime friend of the family died. He was 93! My parents lived next door for 35 years. I have such mixed feelings about funerals. They're not fun but then again I always see people I haven't seen in a long time & that's nice. I was able to visit a good bit with my old friend. After that my mom & I had lunch at the new Las Palmas that's by her house. It was delish!!

Then came Tuesday night. About 9:00 I started getting texts about work. I think I mentioned that the newspaper I work for is being sold. Well, rumor was it was all going to be official Wednesday. It's not like it was a surprise but we thought it was going to be another month & there was a lot of wishing that the sale would fall through. I've complained a lot recently about my job. There were 2 HUGE undertakings last year that my dept. was involved in & they were more stressful than I ever imagined. There were days that I hated my job (still are sometimes). Don't get me wrong I never loved it but I didn't usually hate it. Anyway, not long after the texts started we got official word from our former owner that the sale was complete. It was much harder than I ever imagined. The newspaper was family owned & they were great people to work for. The new owner is also a Louisiana family so I do feel a little better. At least it's not some huge corporation. Now that I think about it, the week hasn't been so crazy, mainly just Tuesday!

I went back to Yoglates bright & early Tuesday morning. It wasn't hard to get out bed because I didn't sleep well at all. The class wasn't as tough as I was expecting either. I think working out with weights during my injury helped. I wanted to run yesterday but it was supposed to be raining & after all the news Tuesday night I couldn't sleep. I went back to Yoglates this morning & I REALLY didn't want to get out of bed. Of course I'm glad I did. We're expecting more bad weather but I'm hoping I can run in the morning.

I know this is really random but awhile back we bought some Chambord. We got it at Sam's & it came with 2 bottles of this.
One lemon flavored & one lime. I've never had it before. You know what?? I'll never have it again!!! That stuff was so gross. It was a cross between Alka Seltzer & a carbonated drink when the syrup runs out. BLECK!!! Do people really drink this stuff???
I don't know about y'all but I've needed some motivation this week so I thought I'd share!



  1. Hey Traci, I hate that things have been so tough for you lately. I am so glad that work related stress is one thing that I don't have to deal with anymore, but I can certainly relate to it from the past. Hope your week end brings you better days, and I really hope ya'll arent sending that bad weather to us, but the weather man says differently :(

  2. Yay for you for all the exercising this week! Hope today and tomorrow are much better!

  3. Sorry about the loss of your family friend and the work related stress that you have been experiencing. It is nice you have been able to work out, always a good stress reliever and distraction activity. I love the motivational pictures you posted. I haven't tried the beverages you mentioned... nor will I ever now! :)


  4. So sorry for the loss of your family friend.

    I sure hope things start looking up for you at work. There is nothing much worse than hating what you are doing.

    Just one more day and you get another weekend!

  5. I hope the transition goes well for you. I love Perrier...but not the flavored type...horrible..but the original with a slice of lemon is great...very refreshing!

  6. I like Perrier water! I think because I rarely drink, it almost feels like a cocktail to me. Maybe it is an acquired taste.

    I don't like funerals at all. I usually just go to visitations where people are mingling and aren't usually as sad. I think I could get upset at a stranger's funeral they are usually so sad!

  7. I hope condition at your work gets better with the new owners, Traci. Love the pics you shared, very motivating...Christine

  8. Sorry that your week has been tough. Next week is going to be a great one!!!