Friday, May 10, 2013


I woke up to a monsoon this morning. Thundering, lightening & my front yard resembled a lake. No run for me. Oh well. I did weights instead. When it rains like this it causes a not so good day at work. The paper gets wet, people call & complain. It's a vicious cycle. I'm just counting down the minutes until quitting time.

On to happier things. FOOD! I managed to forget my lunch one day this week so I had Zoe's.
A lite turkey pita & a side of pasta salad. SOOOOOO good! Low calorie too. I checked the nutritional info before I ordered. They also have a good deal on drinks.
Buy this cup, which I think is 32 oz. & you can bring it back on subsequent visits & get it filled for .99. I love their Hibiscus tea. It's unsweetened so no calories & I add Stevia.

I think I mentioned in my last post that I'm craving Yogurtland. I stopped on my way home from work one day.

Cheesecake & Pistachio yogurt topped with a few cheesecake bites & waffle cone. So good!

Y'all know we go to Caliente all the time. The owner is pregnant with her 2nd little girl so some of the regulars got together & gave her a diaper shower last night at the restaurant. She was surprised!
I had a chicken chimichanga. Really, really good!!!!

I went to Yoglates again yesterday morning.  I'm hoping to run tomorrow but the rain is supposed to continue so who knows.

It's been a pretty uneventful week. Have a great weekend!


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  1. Traci, you always make me so hungry! Speaking of food, do ya'll have a Mcallister's deli there?? If you do, try the pecan berry salad. Oh, I love it! Low cal also. Have a great week end!