Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

A day late I know. We celebrated Cinco a little early by having dinner at Caliente Saturday night. Did you really expect me to say we went anywhere else?? Dean went with this contraption.
It's call a Bulldog. I don't get it. A Mexican restaurant, a margarita & a Corona & they couldn't come up with something better than a Bulldog??? Dean said it was really good. I stuck with my regular "Jose Special".
Only it was made by Eric & not Jose. Eric has a bit of a problem with cockiness. He thinks his Jose Special is as good as Jose's. It's not.
We only had a party of 12 as opposed to 31 last time. This was much more manageable.

Sunday we spent the day with Logan.
Anytime you tell him to smile for a picture he throws his head up in the air. HA. He has a new spiky do that he really likes. It looks so cute. We went to see Mike the Tiger (LSU's live tiger mascot) but he was asleep. Figures.

After checking the water in the pool about 500 times to see if it was "hot yet" (it's not anywhere near warm much less hot) we went to lunch. Yes, back to Caliente. We're not crazy. We just like it, it's convenient & everyone knows us. It's nice being a regular! Plus they were having activities for kids.
Logan was very excited to get a rocket ship painted on his face.
He jumped in the jumper.
And we took a pic with Dora & Diego. Don't I look excited?? Logan? Not so much. I was trying to get him to smile.  He loved them while he was in the jumper thing & then he got out & told me "I not take a picture". OK. So we were off to get ice cream when he decided "I take a picture". When we got close he wasn't sure what he wanted so this was the end result. Side note: If I could wear workout clothes every day of my life I'd be a very happy girl. Logan wanted ice cream next so we went to Yogurtland.
I love this place & have no idea why I don't go more often. My concoction was cheesecake yogurt with a few Reeses peanut butter cups, a few little pieces of cheesecake (soooo good) & crumbled up waffle cone. It was AMAZEBALLS!!
Logan loves Menchies which is another yogurt place but it's by his house & he's a regular there. He's a creature of habit & always wants chocolate with gummy bears. He wanted some M&M's too.
At this point when I asked if he was ready to go back to my house he said "No, I go to my house". He fell asleep in the car but not before he said "I love you. I'll miss y'all". Is that not the sweetest thing ever????



  1. They are so sweet and innocent at this age, Traci, enjoy it while it last!! And what is the deal with the work out clothes?? Are we not suppose to wear them everyday, I mean, this is the only thing I have now, and I DO wear them everyday, lol. Glad to see you had a good week end.

  2. oh i LOVE going to places that "know me" - i have no shame in the game - when it's good then u stick with it!

  3. So glad you had a great day with Logan!
    Oh Mike---he never disapoints, ha!

  4. Coronaritas are my all time favorite.