Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We're Back!

We got back from the beach yesterday. We had such an awesome time & the weather was fabulous!When we go to the beach we always stop at the outlet mall in Foley. I have a new obsession.
I've bought 3 pair of tennis shoes in like 3 months. These were a great deal! They're Nike Lunar something or other. They're a stability shoe which is good for my over pronating feet. Plus they're pink! I bought some new workout clothes & some stuff from Loft. I love that store. There is always a sale & I had a $20 gift card.
My other new obsession. YUM! They also had a Starbucks so I had green tea too. Definitely a successful trip. Next stop - Portofino!
This was our "big house" as Logan called it for 4 days.
Logan loved the beach & we loved watching him & playing with him. He's sooo funny!
I'm going to miss this little guy after being with him for 4 days.
He didn't sit still for long.
Logan's 4th birthday is the 25th but they'll be at their camp so I ordered a cake from Publix & we picked it up on the way. I thought it was so cute!
He told us "now you sing to me". Um, yeh, it never occurred to me to get candles. You can tell by Logan's "wife beater" that he'd eaten quite a bit.
We made do with matches & we sang. He was happy.

We all had green teeth & tongues!
He was laying on me playing his Nintendo DS & all of a sudden he was out.
He thought it was hilarious to bury his daddy in the sand.

He "took a little rest".
Some of our friends that live by us that we travel with sometimes were there the same time we were so we hung out with them for a little while. You can't tell in the pictures but I have a lovely mismatched sunburn. I've decided that aerosol sunscreen doesn't work. I have some spots that aren't burned, then I have spots that are & pretty much the entire backs of my legs are. I put on 50 spf. Unreal.



  1. Glad you had a great time! I'm hating being back in the real world myself. :) I can't do aerosol spray either. I am always blotchy!

  2. It sounds like it was a great getaway! I love your shoes, I haven't been to an outlet mall in forever!

    Little Logan is so precious, I know you could just eat him up! And look at all the white sand! I'm so jealous!


  3. That looks like fun, Traci. Happy birthday to Logan!...Christine

  4. Love those pink nikes!! Wish you would have picke up me a pair while you were there. Glad ya'll had a good trip!

  5. Well, it certainly looks like you had a great time, Traci! That little Logan is such a cutie. I'll bet he loved the dragon cake -- especially because it was green! Hope you don't have any pain associated with your sunburn -- those are the worst!

  6. looks like a blast and you look AMAZING!!!!! - keep up the good work lady!

  7. Looks like a fab vacay! And I'm obsessed with those kicks!

  8. Love the lunars! I have some too, gray with highlighter yellow :) The beach looks like a blast. Glad you had good weather. When we were in FL for Spring Break it was in the 60's, but we still had a good time.

  9. the beach. I take medicine that makes me burn so easily now. I used to get pink once and then tan easily, now I have to apply and apply and I still always have some spot that I missed.

    I've been a Nike girl for years (love the outlets) but I have a damaged nerve in the ball of my foot (that's what I get for finally exercising) and the fancy sports shoe guy suggested I wear Brooks shoes in a 1/2 size larger and a wide (which is odd for someone who wore narrow shoes for years). Well, he was right...for me they are wonderful. They aren't nearly as cute as some Nikes and no outlets and rarely on sale, but I can do my stuff without pain!!

    Your little guy is a doll...creating memories, nothing better!

  10. I have got to get to the Big Dog Running Co. and let them tell me what shoes I can wear.
    Publix cakes are fab!!
    I can't wait to get to the beach!