Friday, May 24, 2013


More beach pics. I've been looking at them a lot this week because they make me happy. I've only had to work 3 days this week & it's a really good thing because those 3 days haven't been good. The wonderful new people (yes, people, that is sarcasm & I'm sure there will be a lot of it here over the next days, weeks, months - however long I have this job) that are now in charge fired my boss Wednesday. This is awful awful awful news. Not totally surprising but awful. 27 years & out the door just like that!  Moving on.

We only went out to eat one night at the beach. We went to Crabs & had seafood. It was good.
We took a few pics. Dean thought this was a great picture. All I see are how droopy my eyes are. Add an eye lift to the list of things I want to have done to me.
Don't ask. I really have no idea why I have that expression on my face. Although, my eyes don't look as droopy in this pic so maybe I should start posing like that. The beer is not mine. The Crabwacker is. It was just a Bushwacker with a crab name since the name of the restaurant was Crab's.
I ran Saturday & Monday. Good Lord was it hot & humid. However, I ran 2 of my best times ever. The scenery was awesome! I LOVED this beach house.
There were so many pretty ones along my route.
This was the scenery the day I ran the other direction. So peaceful.
More beach houses. I was surely hoping to win the $600 million Powerball Saturday night so I could build myself one of these somewhere in the Caribbean. I didn't need the whole $600 mil, just some would've made me happy!
Logan loved the pool!

Logan & his daddy had dug a big hole. You can't tell from the picture but Logan was jumping into it.
More jumping!
What I wish I was doing right now.
Logan loves ice cream!

I don't think he can eat anything without it getting all over him.
I laughed & laughed when I saw this. Mama & daddy playing Candy Crush & Logan playing something on his DS.

Have a good weekend! We have a 3 day weekend & I'm very excited!



  1. Fun moments! And sweet pics. I love ice cream too :)

  2. Great pics and what a fabulous place to run! The drink looks pretty good and you look so cute. Love vacations, I need one!


  3. LOVE the pics!
    OMG - I cannot believe that about your boss. So awful! Wonder what else is up their sleeve??
    Crabwhacker - lol!
    I am going to run run run on the beach too. So excited. Maybe I will have a good "time" like you!

  4. Love the pic of you and Logan. We are out camping now, but when I get back home I am gonna sit down and e mail ya about your eyes, lol. Yes I said about your eyes, you don't need a lift. I will tell ya what I did and LOVED it!