Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Midweek Randoms

Last night I uploaded a bunch of pics to my computer from my camera & I had to share some from Mother's Day.
That's my brother Scott & nephew Logan. We have a large ditch/canal behind our lot & we've had a ton of rain. Scott wanted to see how high the water was. Logan will not be left out. I looked up & he was climbing that fence like a pro.

Scott played paparazzi for a bit while we played baseball. I'm squatting like that because Logan told me "you be the catcher". Um yeh, not my position of choice but who am I to say no to "the little cherub" as my friend Allison would say. I don't like to squat & I always think the bat is going to hit me in the face.

He's very serious about his baseball. We just have to teach him to run to 1st base & not 3rd.
I'm Logan's Godmother & he gave me this for Mother's Day. Such a sweetheart & he's got a very sweet mama too. It says Tante (Logan calls me tante. It's what all the Cajuns call their aunts) there's a little heart & then it says Logan. The two stones in the middle are his birthstone & mine. His is emerald, mine is opal but if you have an October birthday you know that for whatever reason unless you actually buy an opal your birthstone is pink. I love pink so I'm fine with it.

On a side note, Logan calls Dean Nonk. Another Cajun thing. What's really funny is that sometimes Logan remembers & sometimes he doesn't. I've mentioned that he asked "where's the other tante?" a few weeks ago. Last week when he was at my house he asked if "boy tante" was going with us to lunch. This week when Dean went outside to play ball he said "I want girl tante to play". It's just so funny to see how his mind works.

In 2 days I'll be hanging out with a drink while being mesmerized with this view.
Gorgeous right?? This is the view from the terrace of the condo we're renting. I CANNOT wait!!! Of course this means I have to pack which you know, I hate to do. I started making a list. It's the only way I remember most of what I need. Do y'all make a list?



  1. I love that necklace--so sweet!!

    I FEEL YA!!! Let me know if you ride down to Destin!! I make lists upon lists upon lists, but hate actually putting the stuff in the suitcases. I love organizing it all together to pack, but I hate fitting it all in the cases. ;)

  2. That is such a sweet gift! I love it!

  3. Beautiful necklace! And I'm jealous - have a great trip!

  4. looking good babes! - and i HATE packing - i don't make lists - i overpack every single time - and yet i always go "i really wish i brought "xyz" -- i could use that view RIGHT about now

  5. Hi, Traci! Hope you're having a wonderful time on your trip. I start "packing in my head" days before actually packing but I rarely make a list. Maybe I should. This packing in your head thing isn't always reliable.