Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Parties Galore!

Our weekend was crazy busy which means it went by way too fast! Friday night we tried out the new Mexican joint that just opened by our house, Caliente. We went with some of our neighbors. It was good. They brought sopapilla's for the table & they were delicious!

Our neighbor Allie graduated from high school Friday night. We went to her party Saturday. It started at 1:00 & we didn't get home until 9:30. It was a long but fun day. I got Allie a charm for her Pandora bracelet & I wrapped it in a Tervis Tumbler.
The "eye of the tiger" is one of LSU's logos. Allie is going to LSU in the fall.  I bought some gold shimmery stuff at the party store to fill the cup with & then used purple tulle to wrap it all up. She loved it. BTW, the tulle is left over from one of my bridal showers. I knew it would come in handy one day!

Sunday we were up bright & early for 7:00 Mass. Logan's birthday party was Sunday afternoon. It was HOT but it was fun watching Logan & his little friends run wild. Logan had a water slide this year.
 I was shocked when I saw how big it was! Those are Logan's feet sticking up in the air.
He's soooo tan!
Baby Landry & Amira enjoyed the kiddie pool. I love Amira's swimsuit. She had a beach hat that matched too.
Logan had a Mickey Mouse party. Everyone was singing Happy Birthday to him.

It was fun watching him open his presents. He was really into it. A couple of times he pointed at gifts & said "I want that one. It's cute". HAHAHA! 
In this picture he was saying "thank you for coming to my party & thank you for my presents". 
The Superman cape & mask were one of his gifts & it was the hit of the party.
I'm not up on the latest with Superman so I'm not sure if this what he does before he takes off but every time they were still & got ready to "fly" they did this. It was hilarious.

Logan slowed down long enough to take a pic with me. I wish I had just a little of that tan of his. I'm so jealous!



  1. Cute kiddos! :)

    He's so tan...I'm jealous too! I was out at the pool for about 6 hours this weekend and can barely tell it!

  2. Love love love that Tervis! I want that fleur de lis for my car too but it might be overkill...

  3. Okay - catching up because I can't comment from my blackberry when I read posts during the week...
    LOVE the chocolate gators!
    Never been to Nola, but Cafe Du Monde is on my list! I see so many people rave about it - and Starbucks across the street? PERFECT!
    Glad you are feeling better! Wish you lived here because the WBV machines at our studio are amazing for toning! I am shocked at the results!
    Cabinets are looking so nice! Wish the Canadian had organizing skillz.
    I am partial to tan little boys ;) Logan is so cute!!!

  4. So sweet! It's going to be lil' boy party time for us soon too!

  5. So sweet! It's going to be lil' boy party time for us soon too!