Tuesday, May 22, 2012

NOLA Part Deux

After having a drink at The Carousel Bar we headed to Mr. B's Bistro. It's owned by the Brennan family which has a ton of restaurants in NOLA.
Allison & I wanted to try the Champagne Royale ("Champs" Royale for all you RHOOC fans!).
It's sparkling wine with a splash of Chambord. It was really good! We completely forgot to take pics of our food. We ended up ordering off of the appetizer menu & shared everything. We had a bowl of seafood gumbo, catfish fingers, crab cake & fried oysters. The gumbo was a dark roux. It was ok. I prefer a light roux. The oysters were good & the crab cake was really good & had a great sauce with it. However, $14 for 1 small crab cake was a bit much. The catfish to me was just ok. I think Dean's is a lot better. We weren't planning on dessert but they are known for their bread pudding so we sucked it up & ordered one to share. It had raisins which I don't like but I just didn't eat them. The bread pudding was sooooo good!

Our next stop was  Lafitte's Blacksmith. They're famous for a "purple drank". Basically, it's a grape daiquiri that has Everclear in it. Allison & I were the only one's that wanted to try it so we just got one & shared.
It was good. Wendy & Vicki wanted normal flavored daiquiri's that didn't have Everclear so we made another stop on Bourbon.
I had to laugh when I saw these tiny little daiquiri's. I didn't think they had something that size in New Orleans. Wendy said when she ordered a small the guy asked "are you sure you want a small?". Haha! We stopped at Fleurty Girl to do a little shopping. I bought a really cute bracelet.

Allison & I wanted to try a Mint Julep. Notice a trend here? Me & Allison are the ones that want to try all the drinks!! HAHA! We went to the Davenport Lounge that's inside The Ritz-Carlton.

We decided to sit on the patio since it was so pretty. The patio is actually part of the M Bistro.
I could've sat here all day. There was a nice breeze.
Allison decided instead of a Mint Julep she'd try a drink called an Audubon Tea.
It's Vodka, Ice Tea & Lemonade. It was really good! I
I broke out the wedding cake fudge for a snack! Sooo good!!
It's a good thing the weather was nice because it took forever for my Mint Julep to arrive. Vicki made the comment that the bartender must be picking the mint. The waitress came by & said that she was sorry for the delay but the bartender was "replenishing her mint supply". HAHA! It was ok.  A little strong but I loved the crushed ice! The Audubon Tea was better. We had to make another bathroom stop. It was very nice. Just as you would expect a bathroom at The Ritz to be.
Not a good pic but you get the idea.

Our last stop (supposedly) was Cafe Du Monde for beignets.
How good does that look?? We ordered frozen cafe au lait's but there was something wrong with the machine. I swear frozen drink machines gone awry is the story of my life. We ended up with iced coffee. It wasn't good. Not awful but really not good.  The beignets on the other hand were AMAZING! We all decided that we must have good coffee to make up for the bad stuff. Lucky for us I'd spotted a Starbucks right across from the parking lot we were in.

Yay for a caramel light frappuccino. It wasn't supposed to have the whip, just caramel drizzle but that's ok. It was delightful.

We had a wonderful day with a LOT of laughs & some good food. I enjoyed it all but I don't think anything was any better than what we can get in Baton  Rouge.



  1. OMGosh, I didn't realize you were in NOLA!!

    I love Mr B's Bistro!!! WHen we were there for the half marathon in March, you know the bags they bring the bread out in?? My friend sat it on the candle (on accident) and set it on fire, bwahahahaha

    And we stayed at The Hotel Monteleon......The Carasol makes the BEST Cosmo!!! ($15 a piece, they should be!) Did you happen to get one??

    Looks and sounds like a fun good ole time with friends!

  2. Looks like so much fun! We've wanted to go to New Orleans for several years now, but someone always can't get off work. Love your pics!