Thursday, May 10, 2012

For the birds

In more ways than one. I do not have pictures of the kitchen project because technically it's not finished. The painting is DONE! Well, if you don't count touching up the walls. There are a couple of spots that were messed up when the granite was installed  & that whole taping to paint isn't an exact science either.

Then there are the screws. Really? Screw drama? YEP! For whatever reason all of the knobs & pulls I ordered have these ridiculously short screws. They don't work. Off to Lowe's Dean went & bought about a gazillion screws. Well, apparently, the drawers needed longer screws than the cabinets. Really? Who would've thought? Well, maybe a lot of people but not us. So another trip to Lowe's is in our future. Seriously, we really need to buy stock. This project is never ending & it's for the birds.

Speaking of Lowe's & screws, we bought this little gem awhile back for $5.
It's a screwdriver & a ratchet. I didn't know what a ratchet was until today & WOW what a concept! How did I not know about this?? The end unscrews & it has all of these neat little attachments.
There are all different sizes of flat head & phillips bits. This may be the best $5.00 we've ever spent. Well, aside from the $20 furniture dolly. That thing is amazing! Anyway, pics to come later.

I've mentioned here before about my disdain for birds. Maybe I'm weird but they freak me out a little. It may have something to do with pushing their babies out of the nest. Who does that?? Also, the fact that they do their business all over my stuff. Anyway, I was outside watering plants this evening & I discovered this on the bakers rack on my patio.
This was behind the container I keep our sunscreen in. I don't know what the attraction with our house is.

Dean was cutting grass & due to the disarray of the kitchen & the fact that we basically have no food in the house to make anything closely resembling a meal I went to McDonald's for him. I had oatmeal. As I was driving down the street I saw this.
Do you see the little lizard head hanging over my window? He was hanging on for dear life.
He rode on my car all the way to McDonald's & back. It's about a 2 mile trip each way. I'm guessing this was the equivalent of Mission Space for lizards. I tried to drive a little slower. I didn't want to be responsible for sending him flying to his death.



  1. Aww, I was hoping to see the reveal :( Guess it'll have to wait, but I'm sure it will be worth it.

  2. Oh my the lizard riding on the car is crazy! My kids would have loved seeing that!

  3. Totally agree about birds. I think they freak me out a little bit, too; but I think it's from the movie "The Birds"! They are so darn messy. Absolutely can't stand pigeons -- sky rats are what they are!

    Hurry up, already, & show us that new kitchen!

  4. Ahhhh, hahahaha. I love that you slowed down for the lizard. That is hilarious!!

  5. My heart just jumped - I thought it was a snake head! LOL