Monday, May 7, 2012


We're still not finished. BUT we're really close. Friday afternoon a couple of the guys in the office read my mind & were making a Starbuck's run. From 3-5 through May 13th they're having "Frappuccino Happy Hour". All Fraps are half off. I  mentioned the other day that I was going to give iced coffee a try. What better time than half off?
I got the Caramel Frappuccino. I really, really liked it! It was good that I had the extra caffeine because I had plenty of work to do when I got home!

All I can say is thank God for Dean!! If he wouldn't have helped I would be looking at another entire weekend of painting. Friday we got started with the emptying of cabinets, de-glosser, sanding & Kilz.
This is one section of the cabinets with the Kilz & waiting for paint. The table is covered with a vinyl tablecloth & all the stuff that belongs in the drawers. The kitchen was a MESS!!! I also made the mistake of not buying odorless Kilz. It wasn't awful but I did have a headache off & on all weekend.
After a coat of paint. It's hard to see the color. Yes, that is a shower rod that you see peaking out from under the door. Dean is very inventive with the things he finds in his shed. Those buckets are empty Windfresh laundry detergent buckets. It worked great.
We had quite the set up! There were several times I wanted to get a bottle of wine out of my little fridge but I refrained!! Honestly, I don't mind painting. I find it therapeutic. I just don't like the prep work or the clean up. So, when we get home from work today we'll get back to work. There's not much left. Now that I think about it, I think I'll stop at Starbuck's Happy Hour for a caffeine fix to get me through!

Needless to say there will be no Yoglates today. I did run this morning though. I was supposed to run once over the weekend but that didn't happen. I needed all my time to paint.

Dean's cousin is getting married next month so me & my mom went to his fiance's bridal shower yesterday afternoon. That cut into painting time too. It was very nice & the food was delicious! I just realized I didn't take any pics. The cake was from Winn Dixie & it was SOOOOO GOOD!! It tasted just like wedding cake & that's my fave! There were party squares & ooey gooey bars too. I love those! Needless to say I had a headache from all the sugar by the time we left.

Hopefully, I'll have before & after pics soon!



  1. I despise painting!!! I know they will look great though!!

  2. Our house is chaos right now too! The projects are worth it when they're done right? Ha!

  3. I love to paint!!! Can't wait to see the end result!

    Caramel fraps are my FAVORITE!! I have to have a ton of caramel in mine. Ya gotta order it with XXX CARAMEL DRIBBLES:)

  4. I've returned & have been trying to catch up on everyone's blogs; but now I'm exhausted after reading all the stuff you've been doing. Whew! Can't wait to see the kitchen all finished. Hang in there!

  5. I can't wait to see the finished product, how exciting! Umm, and that frap looks DELISH!! xo ~Liz

  6. It's going to be all worth it when you're finished!

  7. Don't know if I could ever attempt a major project like that. WOW!

  8. And this is why my cabinets will never be painted by me - but seriously you go girl! I wish I had the patience and energy!!