Friday, May 18, 2012

I LOVE Friday!

I would love it more if I didn't have to work! In keeping with my love theme I thought I'd share some stuff that I'm loving right now.

First up is my new guacamole bowl.
Well, that's what I call it. Apparently, the correct name is a Mortar & Pestle. We've been wanting one since our cruise when we went to the guacamole & salsa making class. Notice I said "we". It's for the kitchen so Dean's interested in it. I saw this one on Open Sky last week. Do y'all know about Open Sky? It's one of those discounted shopping sites & this one has stuff that all sorts of people (stars, etc.) recommend. Some stuff is priced really well & there are some ridiculous things like $350 shirts. This was recommended by Guy Fieri. You know the Diners, Dives & Drive thru guy? It was $44 but Open Sky is always sending credits out. Normally, the credit is off of a $40 purchase. I had a $20 credit so I thought it was a deal. I'd shopped around & there were some less expensive but they didn't look that great.  I was so excited when it was delivered. It's SOOOO heavy. It probably weighs 10-15 lbs. I know that's not that heavy but for something like this it is. I love it so much I think I'm going to leave it out on the bar area. If you want to see what Open sky is about you can follow this link. I'll get credit for referrals.

Next up?
My Keurig. I still love this thing so much. When it eventually breaks I'll be RUNNING to the store for a new one. Dean asked me the other day if I was addicted to coffee now. I'm not. I don't have to have it. Some mornings I drink Chocolate milk or green tea. I just love the convenience of this thing.

Speaking of green tea, it's next on the list.
I was thrilled when I saw Tazo green tea K-cups. I'd bought another brand but Tazo is my fave! It's what they sell at Starbucks. When I walked in Starbucks & saw the iced green tea bags I didn't think I'd be able to contain myself! I know I'll be drinking more of it this summer because it's so refreshing. I can use these tea bags in my ice tea maker. So good. I've also discovered that apparently, this is one of those things that everyone doesn't like. My mom freaked out when she tasted it & talked about how awful it was. Sunday, Lydia had some & she didn't like it all either & she likes green tea. She likes the kind that is more citrusy. The Tazo has a spearmint flavor & that's what I love about it.

Next on the list are these.
I LOVE these socks! The fit my narrow feet perfectly. They don't move when I run. I don't have an extra wad of sock by my pinky toes either. I can't describe the greatness of these socks. I have 3 pair & I'm about to search the Internet to see if I can find them cheaper than $9.00 a pair.

Last but not least,

I LOVE chocolate milk. Always have. I'm not a fan of plain "white milk". Everyone used to laugh at me that I was having a little milk with my chocolate. I put HEAPING spoonfuls of Nesquik in the milk. It looked more like a shake than milk.  I stopped drinking it for a long time because of the calories. Well, then I read an article about how chocolate milk is wonderful for muscle recovery & lots of runners drink it after a run. Then they talked about "no sugar added nesquik". HUH??? I had no idea there was such a thing. They have in other flavors too. 2 tablespoons is only 35 calories. Believe it or not, 2 tbls is enough for me. Sometimes at night when I want a snack I have a glass.

What's everyone loving these days??



  1. I don't drink regular milk-can't stand it! I will have to try this no sugar added nesquick!! Thanks for that tip!!!

  2. I love my mortar & pestle. I use it to crush up needle spices like rosemary.

  3. I'm with the not liking green tea ppl. Not my cup of tea lol - though I've heard it's good for your metabolism so I'm tempted to try it again.

    I don't think Micah will drink white milk easily again, I've gotten him addicted to chocolate milk aka chocolate instant breakfast to try and pack pounds onto him as all his 2t shorts all off him (at age 3)

  4. Ohhh, nice to know about the sugar free chocolate mix! That's awesome!! I need a guacamole bowl! That's so cute!

  5. I LOVE Nesquik and have NOT seen this yet!!
    You know what else is pretty good, if you are trying to cut back, but still want something like that- hot chocolate made with skim milk, a stevia packet, and a tsp of plan cocoa powder. If I am feeling like a snack at night, this can often curb it and fill me up.