Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Guess What??

I interrupt this regularly scheduled Weigh In Wednesday for PICTURES!!! Pictures of what?? THE KITCHEN!! I know, it's taken forever but I've got them & there's a lot of them. They were taken with my iPhone &  the lighting isn't the best.

First up - the desk area. I mentioned before that I'm not using it as a desk but as a bar/butler's pantry. I have our crystal in these cabinets. (Well, currently it's all in the guest bedroom but it will be here eventually). My crystal that matches my china is in the china cabinet. The stuff in this area is the stuff we actually use. The  little cubbies are great for bottles. Here's the before picture.
 No granite & white paint. The after.
Sorry for the phone & internet stuff. That will be taken care of in the decorating process. It's REALLY hard to take a pic of this area because it's right off the kitchen in the hall. The cabinets are the same color as the island. Since it's meant to be a desk area there aren't cabinets below the granite but I would love to have the extra storage so I'm going to see about adding that. 

This is a before pic of the island & one side of the kitchen. The island had black granite tile & the counters had the same ceramic tile that's on the floor. That will be changed out as well but not anytime soon.Also the lovely wood trimmed fluorescent lights are on my to do list.
There are holes where the drawers belong because we'd already taken them out getting ready for the granite when I remembered to take pictures. Here's the after. Please excuse the area in the background that has tools on it. Dean had just finished putting all the cabinet pulls on. He wasn't overly thrilled with me for buying pulls that required him to measure & drill 2 holes for each one. I've said before he's very inventive & he made himself a templet & they all look great!
This is a more accurate picture of the color. The paint color is Valspar Golden Eagle. We bought new bar stools last weekend. The seats of the old ones were tearing up & they had nail head trim which I liked but they scratched up the wood on the island because they always got pushed up against it. The cushions are dark brown.
 Before of the sink area.
After - The kitchen gets A LOT of natural light so it's hard to get good pictures. I LOVE my new 60/40 deep sink.
I'm a really bad photographer. That pink thing on the left side is a cup. Obviously, I didn't want that in the pic!

Here's a close up of the paint & the cabinet hardware. After a ridiculous amount of time trying to decide what I wanted & also trying not to go broke at the same time I found these on Overstock. Knobs & pulls are expensive!

Here's the cook top area before paint but after granite & the back splash was installed.
The after

The new dishwasher
 It's so quiet!

There are still a few minor things left to do. I plan to get those taken care of soon. It's just really hard to get stuff done during the week between work & working out & all the regular stuff that needs to be done, like eating. I'm sure you noticed in the pictures the lack of face plates on all the outlets. That was something else that I put a ridiculous amount of thought & time into. I made a decision Sunday after getting a few opinions from the family. Now Dean just has to turn off the electricity & change everything out. I don't play with electricity. I could really hurt myself. HA! Also, the decorating isn't done. It's just a plain kitchen until I take the time to put everything back out. I'm just happy all the hard work is done!



  1. That looks great! The paint on the cabinets is awesome. I need to see this in real life.

  2. Your kitchen looks incredibly beautiful.

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  4. I love the color of the cabinets and granite, Traci. The kitchen looks really nice and bright now. I can't wait to see how it looks after you add your decorating touches....Christine

  5. It looks wonderful, Traci! That was a major under-taking & looks well-worth all the effort. Looking forward to seeing it again after you "fluff" it!

  6. It looks wonderful, Traci! That was a major under-taking & looks well-worth all the effort. Looking forward to seeing it again after you "fluff" it!

  7. I love it all! It looks great. I bet you are glad the hard work is done. I'm tired just thinking about it!

  8. It's simply gorgeous! Love the cabinets!

  9. I love it! Isn't it just amazing what the granite does to the look of the kitchen? Even after all these months I still see mine and smile. It really looks will have such fun doing the bits of decorating you want to do.

  10. Wow, it looks awesome! Very beautiful!


  11. Traci! You guys have done such a great job. It looks beautiful! Lots of lovely little details and it makes such a difference. Gorgeous!

  12. Your kitchen looks awesome! I love your cabinets painted and the granite tops them off nicely! I love the cabinet hardware you chose!

  13. Love the new look in your kitchen, it looks fantastic. Enjoy your pretty new space. xo ~Liz