Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Bloggy Award

I've recently found Tiffany at Life As A Southern Girl & began following her. She lives in South Louisiana so she knows about the stuff I ramble on about. HA! Anyway, she gave me an award.  Thanks Tiff!

Seven things about ME:

1. We're planning a Hawaiian Cruise for my 40th birthday & 10 year anniversary which just happen to be in the same month in 2013.
2. I hate to pack. Like really hate it. I love to go on trips but you'll always find me packing at the very last minute.

3. I LOVE to play Words With Friends - If you want to play my name is TraciB. For whatever reason I don't get a lot of games that people send me so send my your names & I'll send you a game.

4. At the moment I'm thinking of having sugar free chocolate froyo for dinner. Amelia-Ann has me hooked on it. (A-A is my 12 yr old neighbor)

5. When we get back from the beach we will begin to shop for me a new car. I'm excited but I HATE car salesmen.

6. I really, really want a puppy & Dean really, really doesn't.

7. We're going to Dallas Labor Day weekend to watch LSU play Oregon. GEAUX TIGERS!!!

I'm not tagging anyone specific because it's too hard for me to choose. So, if you read consider yourself tagged & do a post!!



  1. haha of course I understand your rambling. I know our need to have get together's in our back yard & eat our "bugs". lol

    I enjoyed reading everything you posted about yourself.

  2. Hawaii - I am SO jealous! Okay - confession...I have never flown, BUT I hope that my first flight will be to those lovely islands!!
    Shop online for the car!

  3. Aww, I love knowing more about you.

  4. I love these kinds of things too... great knowing a little more about you, TraciB!!

    I don't know about this Froyo. Hmmm I'm sure it's good because it has Chocolate!!

  5. Wow, a Hawaiian cruise sounds amazing!! Take me!! : )

  6. Great post, congrats on the award! We are going to the LSU/Oregon game too, I can't wait!! By the way, I am Christyjwilson on WWF.

  7. Fro yo for dinner? I can get behind that!

  8. The cruise sounds wonderful!! I want a puppy too...hubby doesn't! Have a great 4th of July!!