Saturday, July 2, 2011

Crazy Friday

I should've known when I woke up & thought it was Saturday that it wasn't going to be a good day yesterday. We have a lady that cleans our house every other Friday. When I say a lady I mean 4 ladies. I hired Gilda & she has a team of 3 other ladies that help her. Today was that Friday. So there I sit at my desk & my cell rings. I see it's Salvadore & it hit me...."oh crap, I turned on the alarm!". Salvadore is Gilda's husband/translator.  I've done this several times before but I always remember or Dean calls & says "you didn't turn on the alarm did you?", I say "yes" & haul it home to try to turn it off before they show up. Not this week. It's a wonder I didn't have 4 Mexican ladies passed out in my front yard from heart failure! It was probably only a matter of minutes from happening. When the alarm co. called Dean they'd already dispatched the police. Oops.

We had lots of errands to run this weekend so we decided to go ahead & get some stuff knocked out last night. We went to Chili's for dinner because it's convenient to everywhere we needed to go. Can you say WORST service ever? Ugh!! It took awhile to get our food, he forgot our refills, after we finished eating they tried to bring us someone else's food & when he brought the check not only had he charged us for our food but also for the food they brought out that was someone else's! We finally got everything straight & were on our way. We did our Lowe's, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Sam's, Target, Academy run & then went to visit our friends Stan & Renee. We hung out at their house until almost midnight. For those keeping track, that's 2 Friday's in a row I was out after 12:00!!

This morning was Cael's 5th birthday party. His mom is my good friend Allison. Cael had a swimming party & the kids had a great time.

The birthday boy.

Jill's baby Preston loves the water! He's not scared at all.

Bayleigh, Lane & Cael took turns getting pulled in the tube.

Cael had a Batman party. The cake was really good. Yes, I did have a piece & no it's not on the diet. However, cake is my weakness. I guess I should say icing is my weakness. LOVE IT!! This cake came from Albertson's & it was really good.

Emily enjoyed hanging out, eating cookies & watching the other kiddos. She's not a fan of the water.

The birthday boy opening gifts.
One party down, one to go. Dean's cousin's baby turned 2 & her birthday party was this afternoon.

This is Sammie.

Sammie loves Dora. Her grandpa made her cake. It was DELICIOUS!!!! Yes, I had another piece. Couldn't help it. It was a small piece though.

Sammie with her cousin Cody while everyone sings Happy Birthday.

Sammie with her cousin Emma.

This is me with Dean's cousin/Godchild, Lexie. She's 15 now. When Dean & I started dating she was 2, the same age as Sammie. That is soooo hard for me to believe.

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend!



  1. Traci, in this picture, you do not look a day older than the 15 year old! I am up early catching up on all my fave's and waiting on closing arguments for the Casey Anthony trial to start. Anyhoo, have a great and safe 4th!

  2. Boy my kid's head is really big! hahahhahaha. I saw the pics too from your pool party. The one with me, Rich and Emily is hilarious. Rich and his whole bottle of sunscreen on one arm. hahaha.

  3. I agree with Teresa... You two look the same age :) Cuties!

    Rough start on Friday. The pics of the kids are really sweet!

  4. You seriously look the same age as her!! You look AMAZING!! And it's totally okay to have some cake every now and then! : )

  5. Such a great picture of you!!! I agree with all the other commentors, you look so close in age!! I will be turning 40 around the same time as you, perhaps we will need a girls trip in there too.

    Have a Happy 4th weekend!

  6. The kiddos had a good time at Cael's party! Wow-I can't believe Lexie was only 2 when y'all started dating, where has time gone!?

  7. Great pics and let me tell you that you are ADORABLE!!!!!! Happy Tuesday my friend.

  8. Birthday cake(s) do not count!! :) You look fab anyway! :)