Thursday, July 28, 2011

Weigh In Thursday

One of these days I'll get back on track with Weigh In Wednesday. I'm sad to report I gained .4 this week. I can't say I'm completely surprised as I didn't eat great over the weekend. I think I'm back in my routine now so all is good. I've been to Yogalates 3 times this week & was planning to make today the 4th time BUT I forgot my Yoga towels at home. These things are a necessity. It's soooo hot & humid there's no way you can go to class without a towel. I leave work 30 mins. early on Yoga days & I don't have time to go home first. At least I got my 3 classes in & Allison & I will be back to walking the lakes Saturday morning.

I'm going to go ahead & put this out there. I didn't want to say anything in case I chickened out but maybe I won't since I'm blogging about it. My sister-in-law Lydia, has somehow (I'm thinking she has a direct link to the aliens that have invaded my body) convinced me that I need to run a 5K with her. Have I mentioned I don't run? Like ever? She wanted me to run one with her at the end of August. I kept my wits about me & declined. No way do I think I could go from no running to 3.1 miles in 6 wks. She insist I'm wrong. We compromised. I'll be running the "Reindeer Run" with her in December. So at some point in the future I'll be using the C25K app on my phone. A lot of the people in my Yogalates class are runners so I'm hoping all the work I've been doing will help. Please pray for me!!!

In other food related news, I had lots of comments (thanks for that) about Nutella after my last post. What I've learned is I probably won't like it! I don't know if I like hazelnut but I'm thinking I don't. Then the thought of spreading something that taste chocolatey on toast makes me a little sick. It also doesn't sound like it's low cal. Therefore, I won't be trying it. No need to get hooked on anything else that is going to make me gain weight. There's enough of that out there already.



  1. It is fluid from all of this heat and humidity Traci, I am convinced of it! Lol, seriously, I am having difficulty wearing my rings right now because I am so puffy. Ok, ok, maybe my fluid is from all of the salty chips I have been inhaling.

    You will do great with the marathon. I have never been a runner either. We walk a little over 3 miles every night, and I can definately tell it if I miss so much as 2 nights of walking. I just don't feel as well. It has been very tough sticking to it with this heat and humidity the way it is right now tho. Honestly, walking regularly is the only way I can keep my butt, hips and thighs under control since I hit the big 40!

  2. Good job for getting back on track. Sometimes I think its not the one or two cheats that breaks a diet, its how we deal with it.
    I have also started to get back on track about a month ago, and am thinking about running. Like you, I'm NOT a runner, so keep us posted on how you train for that run..

  3. Good for you on the 5K! I think that is wonderful. I hate running, truly I do, but I have done it in boot camps, etc...I get through it.

  4. Traci!! Oddly enough that is what I am doing! 5K in 6 weeks. I have been training now for mine in Sept.

    And in this heat.. I could kick myself. ;)

    BUT... I am really wanting to do this. Wishing us both luck.

    Boo on the gain.... let's just chalk it up as water weight because of this heat.

  5. Lydia - the Sister-n-law. LOLJuly 29, 2011 at 8:59 AM

    It's must that time of year(?) I've been gaining weight instead of losing it lately. But .4 pounds is NOTHING! YES, you can and WILL do the 5K in December. :) AND Chocolate Peanut Butter on toast is WONDERFUL.

  6. I'm not a runner either...I walk...pretty fast...sometimes I sprint for a few blocks....but running any long distance isn't for me. My sons run...they love it...wish I could learn to love it...good luck!

  7. I wish I was a are going to do great!

  8. I also love Matthew Mc whatsesname...
    We saw that movie last night! Got it from Redbox, and LOVED it too!