Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy July 4th!!

I'm sooo sleepy! I've worn myself out. Yesterday, my parents & my brother & his family came over to swim.

Logan was between bites which is about the only time he's still!

While Logan's mom & dad were gathering up their stuff he was checking out his Nonk's shed.

He wanted to ride my bike.

Then he found Nonk's bat. It was behind rakes & shovels but Logan doesn't miss a thing. He was hollering for a ball in this picture. Look at his arm & you can see what a dark tan he has. I'm so jealous!!

Yesterday evening Allison & her Aunt came over & we did pool aerobics. We'll have to do it more often because we don't get hot!

Speaking of hot, I started the 4th off at Yogalates. I hadn't been in a week and a half because of my sinus infection. I think from now on sick or not I need to make myself go. It was hard! Like really hard! It was also really hot. After I got over the feeling that I was going to die I felt good. I'll be back tomorrow.

Our neighbors had a pool party today. We had hot dogs & nachos & assorted desserts. I'm not a fan of hot dogs at all but I really wanted one today & it was sooo good!! I'm so glad that we love our neighbors so much. Do you have any idea how convenient it is to just walk next door??

I hope everyone had a great 4th!!

I'm linking to Bonnie for her 4th party.


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  1. What a cutie! It is wonderful to have good neighbors - and equally as bad to "not"!

  2. Love partying with our neighbors - which we do a lot - we go on vacations with ours, too! Love being able to just walk home! LOL! And I know what you mean about hot dogs - I don't eat them much, but every once in a while I just WANT one!

  3. I love having great neighbors...I understand exactly how you feel!

    I'm so glad you seem to be feeling better. Being sick in the summer is so horrible!