Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

I've lost a pound. It's not as much as I'd like but it's something & I'm happy about that. Especially since I indulged Friday in Lafayette & then again Saturday at our "cruise planning party". When I say indulged that means I ate a piece of bread with my crawfish stew & had a cookie for dessert. Since I've been sick I wasn't as strict as I've been. I just didn't feel like having to fix stuff so I ate what was available.  I also haven't been to Yogalates in a week. I don't think it's a good idea to sweat profusely & risk a relapse when I'm just starting to feel better. I plan to go back Monday. I know it's going to be incredibly hard after skipping a week but I'll deal. So, for those of you keeping track, that's a total of 22.6 lbs. lost. WOO HOO!!! My goal is 30 & that will have me back at my wedding day weight.

Since I haven't been going to Yoglates I've been making the most of going straight home after work. I took Amelia-Ann to get froyo. I did get sugar free chocolate which was DELISH!!! But I admit that I did get some regular cheesecake mixed in. Next time I'll stick with chocolate. I went through my closet & I have a pile of clothes that are now too big that I'm donating.  I got some laundry done & all of the ironing is done as well. I even managed to watch this weeks RHONJ & the Kardashians. That's the only good thing about ironing, I can catch up on the DVR.

Yesterday, I got an email from Loft that they were having a sale. Being that I got rid of a pile of clothes I thought I needed to replace them. I went & lunch & found some stuff.  Excuse the pictures. They were taken in my closet with my phone because I was being lazy.
 This top is a khaki color. It was $35 on sale for $15.
This one is a slate blue color. It was $30 on sale for $15. Wow these pics are really bad, but you get the idea. 
I got this picture from Loft's website. The picture doesn't show but these have a little shimmer to them. Very cute. They were $60 & I got them for $24. I also got a cute pair of Bermuda's. I forgot to take a pic & can't find them on the website. They're white with blue pinstripes. Very cute. They were $45 & I got them for $18. Everything that was already marked down was an additional 40% off. I also got a shimmery tank. Nothing special, just a regular tank top & it was $20 on sale for $10. Anybody else been shopping lately?



  1. Cute clothes!! I have not been shopping lately because I'm not letting myself until I lose some more baby weight!! ;)

    Hope you feel better!

  2. Congrats on your weight loss Traci! I know it is not easy and requires a lot of dedication.

  3. The loft has such great sales! You were smart to take it easy while sick. :)

  4. It's always SO nice to buy new clothes, especially after losing weight! Congrats!! Great job so far!

  5. Congrats - a loss is always worth celebrating no matter how little or how much!!! That's great that you get rid of the clothes that are too big, too. If they can be altered I get my mother to alter them; if not I donate them, too. I've figured out that if I keep clothes that are too big it's too easy to relax & get back into them and I don't want that!