Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weigh in Wednesday & a Pool Party

I'm not overly excited about my weight today. I lost .4. I was really hoping for a whole pound but that's ok, it's something. Moving on....

Saturday,  Dean & I invited some friends over for a pool party & he grilled burgers, hot dogs & veggies. The food was soooo good. Of course that's normal when Dean cooks. It was a beautiful, HOT day until about 4:00 when it rained for the first time in at least a month. We'd been in the pool since 11:00 so it was ok. We
were happy to have the rain. Incidentally, after not having any rain for so long, we've had it 3 of the last 4 days. My plants are loving it!

This is Bayleigh. I've known her parents, Jill & Ian for years.
This is Cael aka "Bruiser"!! I've known his mom as long as I've known Jill.  
Another shot of Cael in action. BTW, these pics are courtesy of my friend Vicki. She's got a fancy schmancy camera that takes waaayyyy better pics than my little Canon.
We put a stop to this jumping business pretty quick. After Vicki took the picture of course! This the tanning shelf & the water isn't deep at all. We were scared he was going to hurt himself & nobody felt like taking a trip to the ER.

Lane & Dean. Lane is our Godchild. I've known his mom, Vicki (the Photographer) since we were in Kindergarten.  
This is Wendy, Rich & Emily. I actually took this pic. See the difference?? I've known Wendy since high school & now we work together.
This is Preston, Bayleigh's baby brother.
 Bayleigh, Preston & Lane having snacks. You know how hungry swimming makes you!
 Another one of my shots.
More snacks. I can't begin to tell you how many Popsicles or whatever these things are called those kids ate!
All the kids get along really well. We had a really good time. Naturally, a lot of laughing went on ESPECIALLY since Allison was there. We can always count on her for a laugh or two or 12,000!!!



  1. Is this your pool?? GIRL!!! I am crushed that you have not invited your bloggie pal, Amy, over!!!!!???? What gives?

    That's it. You are off my blog roll for a day!

    Great pics~! I love cookouts.

  2. What a fun swimming party, Traci! I htink your photos look great too but the one with Cael diving is awesome!...Christine

  3. The pool is gorgeous! I love it!

  4. Oh, looks like so much fun!! Makes me really miss having a pool!

    And we've been missing the rain here, too - we had one good shower a few days ago, but it's so hot everything is dried up again and we could really use another!

  5. Sounds like a fun filled day.

  6. What a fun filled pool day!! I miss having a pool. SIGH

  7. What fun! That pool is gorgeousand all the kids are so cute! Love the action shot...It hasn't gotten warm enough here for swimming...soon though.

  8. Your pool is awesome, Traci! BTW, my daughter's name is Tracy! We sure could use a pool it has ben in the HIGH 90's for 4 days now and it is too hot to do a thing! Looks like it was a great time! XO, Pinky

  9. So much fun! Fantastic photos and really cute little ones!

    Happy that you finally got some rain. That is what we are needing right now too.

    Nice stopping by Traci :)