Monday, June 6, 2011

Uh oh!!

There was an unfortunate accident at Yogalates today.
My phone was the victim. Have you ever tried taking a picture of a shattered iPhone?? The shattered glass causes a glare. Yeh that big spot is shattered. I'm sure you're all thinking I was responsible for this. Especially, the people that know me in real life. Those people would be WRONG!!! I had absolutely nothing to do with it. Aside from having it in my bag. I always bring it in because it's sooo hot I don't think it's good to leave it in the car. Not to mention that occasionally I need to check the time to see how much longer I have to endure the torture that is Yogalates. Anyway, there we are sweating like crazy because it rained here today so it was only 90 degrees in class rather than 95. That means the teacher doesn't open the door so there's no breeze. So, all of a sudden there's a loud bang. The guy next to me had his towel thrown over the fire extinguisher that hangs on the wall. He grabbed his towel & down came the extinguisher. No biggie. Well towards the end of class I grabbed my phone to see how much longer I had to tolerate this torture & I see the phone is shattered. Well, I'm eligible for an upgrade & I want the iPhone 4 so I wasn't completely distraught over this. I am however, a little distraught over not having my Words With Friends games at my fingertips along with Facebook  & Twitter!!



  1. I saw your FB status! I was wondering. Yeah, I'm kinda distraught for you.

  2. Hmmm sure you didn't work out a deal with that guy so you could upgrade your phone? JK. Hey, glad to know you play Words with Friends. We love that and always need to add to the network. You will love the Iphone 4. That is what Ted and I started out with. I was a diehard Blackberry fan for years since that was what my office supported but now this company supports Iphones...and when Tmobile made me angry enough with their crappy customer service, we moved to At&t and got refurbished Iphone 4s. So pleased with them.