Monday, February 28, 2011

Nap anyone??

I'm EXHAUSTED! It's 8:30 & I need a nap. I had big plans for the weekend. Friday afternoon I went to Yogalates. WOW! It was hard. Nobody should have to work that hard on a Friday. I'm also leery about today's class. There was mention of splits on Friday. The last time I did a split I think I was in 7th grade & I don't even know if I did it correctly then. After Yogalates it was home to shower & get ready to go to the LSU game. They won again which is good but then again they were playing Holy Cross who isn't known for their athletics & these were the first ballgames they played this year.

Saturday's plans were to lay out by the pool so that I could get a little sun as to not frighten anyone when I'm wearing shorts. There were a couple of problems with this. The first being that we needed to go to Sam's & Lowe's. Dean was willing to go by himself but those are two of my favorite stores!! It was really cloudy when we got up so it wouldn't do me any good to stay home & lay out. Off we went. I got a cute top & a swimsuit cover up. I forgot to take pictures. At Lowe's I picked out some plants for pots that I have on the patio. I made a conscious effort to buy things that are drought tolerant because I tend to forget to water them. I wanted to get some hanging plants but I need to do some research because that's one thing that I CANNOT keep alive. I don't know what the problem is but nothing lives that I hang. 

Once we got home with all of our stuff it was time to work in the yard. By then the sun was out. I pruned some things & cut back some other things while looking longingly at my chaise lounge by the pool. Once everything was cut back I planted my new flowers. Then it was lunch time & then time to shower & get ready. Book Club was Saturday night & I was going to Mass before that. I needed to make a quick Hob Lob run so I did that before Mass. After Mass I had to go pick up Chicken Salad to bring to Book Club. I also had to stop at Racetrack for a Dr. Pepper ICEE!!! A friend told me about these things a couple of weeks ago. SOOOOO GOOD!!! What makes it even better is it was free. There I was standing in line & when it was my turn the cashier said "Is that all?" I said yes, she said "You can have it." I said "What??" she said "Next in line please". Um ok, thanks! I mean it was only $1.00 but I was happy.

If you've been reading awhile you know we refer to our book club as "The Worst Book Club Ever". We rarely read the same books & we rarely talk about books. This time we talked a little about a few books & several of the girls are/have read some of the same books. Most of us that were there have a Nook or Kindle so we talked about those a lot too. As usual we had great food. I ate too much but I'd prepared & hadn't eaten much beforehand. Pretty much everyone that was there is on some sort of diet. Once we started talking about that is when things got a little crazy & we got sidetracked. Our very, very funny friend Allison ended up flat on her back on the floor with me giving her instructions on how to do some Yogalates moves. HILARIOUS!!! It was 11:00 before I got home.

Then came Sunday. I went & picked up my nephew, Logan. We went to Lowe's. Yes, two days in a row. When I planted my flowers I determined that I'd bought more plants than I had pots. This is what I got.

Then I saw this.

It's a bird bath. I love it. I have the perfect spot for it. Once I dig up some iris's. I've been looking for one. I don't care for birds but I'm hoping if they have their own little spot they'll stay away from my patio. I asked Logan what he thought his Nonk (Dean) was going to think about me spending more money. He threw his head back & cackled. It was hilarious!! I wish I would've gotten a picture.

Once we finished at Lowe's we went to see Mike the Tiger. For those that don't know, he's LSU's mascot. I'm going to do a separate post about that because several people have asked me about it. Mike was sleeping but he was in a good spot where we could see him. I swear all that tiger does is sleep. I've been out there several times & I've NEVER seen him roaming about. Then it was off to McDonalds for lunch. 
 Logan likes ketchup.
 I thought this one was so funny. It's like he's thinking "Why are you taking pictures of me eating lunch??"
Logan likes to do things himself. He's a bit strong willed. HA! He wanted my drink. Logan has a habit of just dropping things when he's done. I had my hand on the cup but he was having none of it & removed my hand. You can see I was ready to grab it if he let go. He enjoyed the Dr. Pepper. Speaking of, I ordered a small drink because I didn't want to drink a lot of DP. I've been doing very well & only drinking one a week. I had one Saturday plus the Icee. Apparently, McDonalds doesn't have small drinks anymore except for Happy Meals. Oh Well. It's not going to kill me. 

After lunch we went to my house & got Dean & went to the baseball game. Our seats are on the top row & there's an area behind our seats where you can stand up. Logan liked that spot because he could check out what was going on down below.  
 He was so funny.
He sat & watched the game for a minute.
He cheered!
He sat with Nonk long enough to get a picture.
And he played with Dean's dad. He sacked out in the car on the way home. We had a great time with him. I can't believe how fast the time is going. He'll be 2 in May!

I brought him home & went to my parents for a little bit. When I got home I planted the last of my flowers in my new pot & I watered everything & I finally sat down on the patio & read for a little while. Next weekend is  3 day weekend because of Mardi Gras. I can't wait!!! 



  1. I'm tired just from reading about all you got done! :) Your nephew is adorable!!

  2. Love the pots you got. Logan is just too cute!

  3. Your nephew is adorable... Love Sam's too.. Need to go there today...

  4. He is just cute and boyish and adorable! I really wish I would have taken a picture of Allison sprawled out on the floor. She's brave. I know how hard my floor is and yet, there she was. hahahahah! That was a fun night.

  5. I saw your tweet about the Dr. Pepper icee. I was so jealous! I very rarely drink soda, but when I do DP is it! Yum!!!

  6. Logan is so cute! I like the bird bath you bought, Traci. I wish we had a Lowes or Home Depot here. Isn't the weather been great? In fact it was too hot yesterday, 86 degrees. I started working in the garden too....Christine

  7. What a little cutie he is!!! Melts your heart just looking at the pics.

  8. I think I hurt myself doing those "yoga" poses. I use that term loosely because I couldn't even get myself into the right positions or do the moves properly. I'm a lost cause.

    That 2nd pic of Logan eating looks just like Lydia! He's so cute!!

  9. Oh yeah and McDonald's is all about pushing those $1 large drinks. Just try ordering a small and they talk you into that large for the same price. Crazy.

  10. I kill everything that hangs too! You'll have to let me know if you find a plant that can survive a black thumb and a hanging basket!

  11. Logan's MommaMarch 1, 2011 at 8:51 PM

    Yes, the "little man" is something else! You just never know what is about to do.

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