Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day & Shrinky Dinks!

I know it's not technically Valentine's Day yet but I had a whole Valentine's Day Weekend! These were waiting for me when I got home from work Friday.
 I LOVE Tulips!! Every year I say that I'm going to plant some in the yard but I haven't done it yet. Maybe this will be the year.
 Aren't they pretty?
Friday night we went to the mall & did some shopping. We bought Dean some shirts. Dillards was having a great sale. $70 shirts for $12 & $15!! I picked up another Yoga tank at Penney's & Dean got another couple of shirts there. This was one of those unusual shopping trips that Dean got more stuff than I did! After the mall we had dinner at Ralph & Kacoo's. We hadn't been there in so long. This was THE place back in the day. It was sooo good! Their hushpuppies are still fab! I had a great cocktail that was part of their Valentine menu. It was champagne, OJ & pomegranate liquer.

Saturday morning I went to Yogalates. WOW it was intense! I'd never been to a class taught by this teacher. She walked around the room throughout the class checking everyone out & correcting you if you were doing something wrong. Either she saw me as a lost cause or I was doing everything correctly because she was by me several times & didn't correct anything I was doing. I choose to believe I was doing everything correct!! After class I came home & did some things around the house, took a nap & then Dean & I went to Mass. Our neighbor Amelia-Ann rode home with us. Our 8 yr. old neighbor was having a slumber party & A-A & her friend Maddie were helping. Dean cooked us filets wrapped in bacon & twice baked potatoes & I made a salad. It was soooo good! While we were eating my friend Suzy called. She's the hostess of the slumber party. She was having a shrinky dink emergency & wanted my assistance. A-A informed her that I'd done them before. We'd discussed this in car earlier. After dinner I went to help. Suzy wasn't at all interested in having this slumber party so she was pretty much in a panic. We managed to get about a zillion shrinky dinks made & I was rewarded with cookie cake with gobs of icing. Yeh, the diet isn't going so well this weekend.

Today I went to my parents to visit & I got to play with this little man.
He had a spiky do going on today! He wasn't too interested in me at first but once we mentioned the word "outside" things changed. HA! It was a really pretty day here & warm. Well, warm considering it's been ridiculously cold the last several days. I came home to another delicous meal. Dean baked fish wrapped in parchment paper with crab meat in a ver blanc sauce. Really, really good!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.



  1. Those tulips are beautiful. That's very romantic. Dean did a good job! I would like to plant tulips at some point too. I bet Ralph & Kacoos was delish.

  2. The flowers are gorgeous, Traci. And my goodness, Dean must be a real good cook cause everything you described that he prepared is mouth watering. Weather's been good since I got home, 70's everyday. I even worked in the garden yesterday.....Christine