Sunday, February 6, 2011

I'm Still Here

I didn't realize it had been so long since I updated. Since Wednesday, I woke up Thursday morning very sore. What hurt the most was to sit down. Not actually sitting, the motion of sitting. The front of my thighs, I have no idea what you call them, HURT!! I was a little more sore Friday but I went for class #2. It was hard since I was so sore but I did it.

Yesterday, Dean & I went shopping. We went to Sam's, Target, Academy & Walmart. This is probably going to annoy some people but I don't understand the greatness of Target. I just don't get it. Several things that I was going to buy they didn't have. We moved on to Academy & I found some yoga clothes. I have a couple pair of pants but I need some shorter ones because it's hot. I found 2 pair that are a little past my knee. I picked up 2 sports bras & 2 dry fit tank tops. I've decided these tight fitting tanks are a must for yoga. Loose stuff gets in the way. It's cute stuff but doesn't necessarily look too cute on me. HA! I'm really pasty white! If you're in the market for yoga clothes, Academy has a great selection at reasonable prices. They had Under Armour, Nike & all that but I just got the Academy brand & I still spent $100. Whenever I feel like quitting, I just need to remember that I've invested in these clothes so I have to keep going!!

I got an early Valentine's gift.
It wasn't a surprise because I ordered it myself. Funny how I was just talking about not thinking Target is anything special but that's where my gift came from. Wanna know what it is??
New dishes!!! I'm very excited about these. When we got married we didn't register everyday dishes because Dean had some. I found these on Targets website. It's a 20 piece set, they were on sale for $55 plus if you spent over $100, it was an additional 10% off & free shipping. I ordered 2 sets. I'm so glad I ordered when I did because now they're $70 a set! The above picture is the dinner plate. 
 The saucers.
 I really love the bowls because of the little handles on each side.
This is the salad plates. I love this side. I was so excited to see how pretty they are in person. I got them all washed yesterday & we ate on the for the first time today.

Once we came home from shopping yesterday I took a little nap & we went to Mass. Since we didn't go out for dinner Friday night we went after Mass. We went to Monjuni's. This is one of my favorite Italian restaurants in town. I love their wedding cake martini. I was bummed when we walked in the the hostess told us that due to a tax mix up with the previous owners they weren't serving alcohol. Oh well. That saved me some calories & some money!  I had the veggie lasagna & it was delicious as usual!!

I had a couple of errands to run this morning. One of which was to go to Calvin's & get some chicken salad to have for lunch this week. Love that stuff!

I'd told you that I worked on one of my closets last weekend. I haven't posted pictures because I still needed to pick up a few things. I was able to get that stuff today. I was hoping to finish the closet but we went to visit our Godchild. We hadn't brought her her Christmas gift yet. We stayed there awhile & in a bit we're going across the street for a Super Bowl party. I love parties that are next door or across the street. It's so convenient!!

That was my weekend. Hope y'alls was good!!



  1. I need to find a yoga class. I will be curious to see how you like it. I love the dishes too.

  2. Very nice dishes Traci! Some of the prettiest I've seen in a long time. Good price too.

    I must admit I heart Tar-jay. I visit at least once a week. I always leave there with a full bag of *stuff*. Smiles*

    Happy week! ~Melissa :)

  3. Love your new dishes! They look like something you might find at Wisteria.

    I think Super Target is great. I think regular Target is hit and miss. I don't live near Super Target anymore. :(

  4. Good deal with the dishes. They are very pretty. I'm crazy about dishes. I collect Fiesta Ware (the new stuff) and always get excited to set our table with the new color when I get one. Pretty dishes just make your food taste better. Or is that just me being weird?

  5. I'm behind on your posts. Front of your thighs = quadriceps muscle. Yogalates sounds interesting. Love those dishes. Nice to have some new ones after eating on older ones for so long.