Monday, February 14, 2011

The Closet

This post has a ton of pictures. I told you awhile back that I was cleaning out another closet in my house. Well, I finished Saturday. This closet is in the Hollywood bath that connects to the bedroom that I've made our sitting room. I keep all of my gift wrapping supplies in this closet along with just random stuff. With the holidays it really got to be big mess! Here is the before.

Now, here are some pics of the sitting room once I emptied the closet.

WOW, I knew the closet was a decent size but I had no idea how much stuff was actually in there. I went through & took out anything that was Christmas related - gift bags, gift tags, etc. I have a big storage container that I keep under the bed in the guest bedroom that is for Christmas stuff. It makes it easier to have that stuff separated. This is the view when you open the closet door.
I have the changing pad there for when my nephew comes over but he's too big for it now. I'm going to check with some friends to see if anyone needs it. If not it will be donated. The box is full of styrofoam cups. I'll have to post another time about those. I've had the hanging gift wrap organizer for years. My friend Vicki gave that to me one year. It has small gift bags, tape, scissors & rolls of wrapping paper. It's very convenient because it hangs on the rod. The next picture I took standing inside the closet. When you open the closet door this is the wall to the right.
I bought the hanging thing at Walmart. In the big pocket I have gift bags & wrapping paper that isn't on rolls. The two smaller pockets are stickers that I use for envelope seals & cards. Hanging from the hooks are the larger gift bags that don't fit in the pocket. I also have a tall plastic container that holds rolls of wrapping paper under the hanging thingy. Here's a close up.
I think this thing is going to be really handy. I used to have all my gift bags in a storage container & that ended up being a mess because stuff got stacked on top of it & then when I needed a bag stuff got moved & it was just a big mess. This way I have easy access. The next picture is on the left wall of the closet when you open the door.
I bought this 3 drawer storage compartment at Walmart too. The little shelf is an old TV stand. I have plans for it so it won't be fake wood grain anymore but our weather hasn't cooperated so it's just going to stay like this for now. In the drawers I have all my ribbon. The flowered magazine holder is for the magazines that I want to keep. I have a stack that I need to go through & I didn't get to that yet. I bought the holder at Office Depot. The 2 canvas cube thingys I also bought at Walmart. I realized after I took the pictures that I hadn't cut the tags off yet. In those I have tissue paper & some extra picture frames that I'm not using at the moment.  The other containers I already had. I have one with all my craft paint & another one with other craft supplies, like pipe cleaners, wire, wire cutters, hot glue gun, etc.
Looks much better doesn't it? I'm very happy to have something else crossed off the to do list. I'm linking to Between Naps on the Porch for Metamorphosis Monday, Elements Interiors for Whassup Wednesday & DIY by Design for Winter Blues Wednesday.



  1. Isn't it just cleansing to do this?! Looks great! Thanks for stopping by my blog from btnop

  2. It is amazing how much you can fit in a closet. That's a lot of stuff, but wow, it looks so tidy. I need one of those holiday organizers. One of the things I spent time looking for this weekend and never found was tape. That hanging thing would be perfect.

    I like your feather duster. haha!

  3. Wow! It's amazing how much stuff gets stored in a closet! I'm sure you feel so much better now that it's cleaned out and organized! Great job!

  4. Traci, what an amazing transformation!!! Thank you for always being AWESOME.....Happy Love Day.

  5. Kudos to you Traci!! I soooo need to do all of our closets and cabinets but ekkk, I just rather not think abt them right now!:) Thanx for stopping by earlier! I see you are in BR. We use to live there for two years.

  6. Doesn't it feel awesome to clean out a closet and get it all organized???? I LOVE that feeling. Just wish it could stay that way all the time:) Thanks for stopping by my blog too! XO, Pinky

  7. Hi Traci,
    WOW, work it did a fabulous job of getting organized! I *so* needed to see this post to gather some inspiration to do the same, thank you! You should see my basement after the holidays...can you say disaster? lol! Anyway, I love what you've done! XOXO ~Liz

  8. Hi, sweet friend! I'm trying to catch up with all my favorite bloggy-friends and it's no small matter when everyone has been posting a lot! First, let me say, yes I do brush my teeth before going to the dentist. I don't want them to think I have bad dental habits. Next, I've never had King's Cake, but it certainly did look yummy. Have you made it & do you have a good recipe to share? Love the tulips. Can't get enough tulips and daffs this time of year. They just make me smile. And, WOW, on your closet! You had a lot of stuff, I mean treasures, in there and you organized it up beautifully. Great job! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

  9. It's fabulous! Doesn't it feel great to have everything organized!!!


  10. Wow!! Nothing makes me feel giddy quite like a nicely organized space!! Great job! :)

  11. Wow! It looked quite overwhelming at first but it turned out really good at the end, Good job, Traci. That's what I have been doing. Organizing! Never ends. I am still in the kitchen. It seems like I have been working on it for 2 weeks now. Hopefully I will be ready for a reveal on Met. Monday....Christine

  12. Girlfriend...that looks awesome!!

    Don't cha just LOVE that feeling after it's done?? I do:)
    I am weird like that, lol.

    Hope your having a blessed week!

    XO, D

  13. Hey Sweet GF! WOW! Well Done! Eeek! Takes me back to my workroom CLEANUP...Uug! Yours looks fantastic and ORGANIZED! I LOVED this post! Show us MORE of your ORGANIZATION skilzz!!!

    Love you!


  14. Good for you girl! You are putting me to shame!

  15. I love an organized closet. Yours looks great. Thanks so much for stopping by and joining the party. Hope to see you again next week.

  16. Way to go Traci! Isn't it such a relief when you look in there now?! Love checking things off the to-do list!!