Thursday, November 18, 2010

Public Enemy #1

Or maybe just Traci's Enemy #1!!! I know everyone is sick of hearing about the birds but they obviously know how much they annoy me & are enjoying it!!!! I've talked about the birds here and here & multiple other times I'm sure. So yesterday morning when I was locking the door I saw something out of the corner of my eye & when I looked up it was a stupid bird & it went swooping by & scared me half to death. Fast forward to last night. Yesterday was Dean's birthday & we went to Flemings for dinner. When we got home Dean was unlocking the door & I told him about the stupid bird from earlier & he said "it's sitting on the speaker now". I look up & sure enough there's a bird up there. Lovely. I went inside & got my camera. I thought it would be gone but nope, he was still there.

Now, since when do birds just sit there & look at you when you're 2 feet away?? What kind of stupid bird is this??  Fast forward to this morning. When I'm leaving for work I looked up & the bird is STILL there. He wouldn't look at me this time. I'm wondering if maybe I blinded him with my flash last night. Either that or he's laying eggs up there. Whatevs.

So back to last night. We went to Flemings for dinner. BEST STEAK EVER!!! We've been a few times before & it's ALWAYS been fabulous. It's on the same scale as Ruth's Chris & Sullivan's but to Dean & I there's no comparison. If you have one near you I highly recommend it for a special occasion.

Today I'm leaving early & I'm off tomorrow. Very excited about this. Dean is going to get the Christmas trees put together & I'll decorate all weekend. Tomorrow we plan to do some Christmas shopping.  It should be a good weekend!!



  1. Ohhhh my sweet Traci!!! I again am Laughing out Loud! Thats HALARIOUS!!! GOTCHA! Hes not real....I bought him at Hob Lob the other day and wired him to the speaker...LOL! LOL! LOL!
    You and these birds!!! Its a "BirdyMare!"
    Love you girl!

  2. Hmmm, I wonder what type of a bird it is. Happy birthday to Dean! Enjoy decorating for Christmas. I am not ready yet...Christine

  3. Oh he is cute! How did he get up there?

    My hubs birthday was the 18th. :)