Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Can we skip Thanksgiving??

Don't get me wrong, I'm all thankful & all for everything I have & my friends & family but I am so ready for Christmas! When I say ready, I don't mean ready in the sense that everything is done ready. I mean I want to start decorating, I'm ready to go to Disney, that  kind of ready. Generally, at this time of the year I have the majority of my shopping done or at least know what I'm buying. This year? A grand total of 2 gifts have been bought with pretty much no idea on the rest of the people I buy for. There's really no excuse for it. At least none that I can come up with. So what did I do this weekend when we were out shopping? Buy some gifts? NOPE! I bought stuff that I really, really wanted needed! More Christmas decor!!! WOO HOOO!!! It was all 50% off. How could I NOT buy it?

 I love reindeer! I have lots of them in all different styles. (I know the pictures are terrible. They always look so much better on the phone when I take them).

I have Fleur de Lis' all over throughout the year. I also had them in my first house before it was the "in" thing to have!!!

 Love the big crystal!

 I love the long dangley ornaments. They look really good on the tree.

This Fleur de Lis might be my favorite. You can't tell from the picture but it's big. Like somewhere between a 5x7 & 8x10. I love big stuff on a tree!

I did buy one non Christmas thing.
Nope, not a gift. Well, I guess you can say it's a gift but a gift for myself. Anyway, you people know how I love JCPenney's because of the coupons & sales. Well, they sent a $15 off coupon for my birthday plus of course I had a coupon for doing a survey the last time I bought something. Anyone care to guess what I paid for this little cutie?? $6.00. Yep, you read that right! This $44 sweater cost me $6.00. Can't pass that up! THEN when I got home from work a $10 coupon was waiting for me in the mailbox!!!

Oh! On a completely random note & unrelated note - No Thugs won again this week!! WOOO HOOO!!! We're at .500 now. That means we ARE NOT IN LAST PLACE!!! Yay us!

Anyone else ready to decorate??



  1. I always tell my family that we should move Thanksgiving to the summer! Then we can go straight from Halloween to Christmas for 2 solid months! :) I'm always ready to decorate and have Christmas way before and way after! It is definitely my fav time of year. And can I just add I am VERY ready for winter-ish weather?! Not freezing temps, but I would like it to feel cooler outside and not be in the 70's and 80's during November! ha...

  2. Hey Love! I have those SAME Fluer de lis (the first pic) on one of my trees! We have great taste;-) Good news on the Wine..I love mine too!!! By the way, just FYI, I have a girl that can make you a button for next to nutin!!!
    (Ive had a couple people tell me $6-$10 dollars...so WORTH IT, then I can put your button on my site and lets spread the love, Share friends!!! Let me know and i'll get you thier info...I love your site by the way..very pretty :-) Email me and then i will have your email to converse, rather than doing it on our comments!! LOL! Im soooo computer challenged, Eeeeekkkk!

  3. I'm eager to decorate, but made myself a promise that I wouldn't until after Thanksgiving. I mean like Friday after Thanksgiving. Forget shopping with all those crowds, I'll be pulling out the boxes!

  4. $6 for that sweater?? Wow! Nice find.


  5. What gorgeous scores. Love the fleur de lis! And I am so ready to bust out the Christmas music!

  6. I am ready to decorate for Christmas, too!!

  7. Pretty fleur di lis! I love it too Traci. I'm also ready for Christmas.

    I never find a deal like that. He! If I see another I'll mail one to you. That was a deal even for Kirklands.

    Happy week! ~Melissa :)

  8. What great finds! But I am NOT ready for Christmas yet! WAY too many things to do and NOT enough time!

  9. Yes!!! I love decorating for Christmas. And I know I will be so inspired by all the great ideas on blog land this year! can't wait. Nice find on a six dollar sweater. LOVE THAT>

  10. Not me, Traci. I am not ready yet. In fact, the owner of the store said we are having an open house on Sunday, could I decorate for Christmas. Don't think so! All my stuff are still in the attic. My mom's hospitalizations delayed me on things I needed to do. I just did a Thanksgiving tablescape in the store today....Christine

  11. That is a cute sweater and what a great price!!