Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

When you're 37 years old, you shouldn't feel like I do the day after Halloween. Seriously. I didn't run wild from house to house or even indulge in a ridiculous amount of candy. I only had 1 tiny 3 Musketeers. I did however have 4 glasses of wine which apparently will cause a massive headache in the morning. I've taken 3 Advil & had a Dr. Pepper & I still feel like total crapola. Ugh. Not to mention I'm exhausted from all of the weekend activities!

Friday was my birthday. Dean & I had dinner at Mansurs on the Boulevard. SOOOOO good. We had the crab cakes for an appetizer. I'm on some sort of crab cake kick (say that 3 times fast) lately. LOVE THEM!! The lettuce wedge was one of the best I've had. Probably because it had lots of dressing with lots of blue cheese crumbles in it. For me the more dressing the better. Then for my entree I had the Shrimp Vacherie which is seafood stuffed shrimp that are fried & served with Creollaise (a sauce that was to die for) & rosotto. I really enjoyed it!

Saturday, I went with my mom & did some shopping. I didn't buy much but we went to a store in town that's going out of business & they had a ton of Christmas stuff. Everything was 50%. I picked up a few things but this place is really expensive for the most part so at 50% stuff was still pricey. We ate a late lunch at the Chimes. Yes, if you're a regular reader you know that we ate there Wed. night! I wanted a cheeseburger & theirs are really really good plus my mom had never been there so off we went. DELICIOUS!!!  Dean & I went to Mass Saturday afternoon. Our Church Fair was this weekend so after Mass we hung out there. There were a ton of people that we knew so it was fun.

There's a Christmas store in town that's going out of business that was having a 50% off sale. This store is like the other store we went to Sat. in that they're pretty expensive. I'm guessing that has something to do with why they're both going out of business. Anyway, I picked up a few ornaments there too. The place was full of stuff but I didn't find a whole lot that I liked which is really unusual.

Halloween is a really big deal in our subd. Before Trick or Treat starts there's a party down the street with food & drinks & train rides for the kids.  We went down there for a little bit & then just a few houses down from us a neighbor cooks jambalaya & has desserts & chips & dip so we hung out down there most of the night. All the neighbor kids looked really cute but only a few would pose for pictures. This is Amelia-Ann as an "80's girl".

Here's Amelia-Ann & Allie. They didn't plan to both be 80's girls!

Amelia-Ann & her cronies, Gretchen & Maddie. I don't remember what Gretchen was supposed to be but Maddie was a dead cheerleader & apparently, she kept laying on the ground playing dead. I missed it but Dean witnessed it. They're too funny!

Amelia-Ann isn't shy can you tell??

This is our Godchild Abigail. She was Barbie. I think she'd just about had enough for one day!! That's her twin Gavin in the background. He refused to be in the picture.

Me & Anna were hanging out watching the "Fashion Show" that we weren't notified of. Amazing what some of the moms were wearing. Dresses & knee high boots. Really cute stuff but good grief they were walking the neighborhood trick or treating with their kids! I did have my hair fixed but it was HOT so I pulled it up.

Dean & Allie were talking Volleyball & discussing strategy. 

We had a really good weekend but I sure hope this day goes by fast because I need to lay on the sofa & recover!



  1. YUMMY....crab cakes -- my favorite. Yes, three glasses will do it. I'm embarrassed to say it, but a couple weeks ago I have five glasses of wine and it was a BAD headache the next morning.

  2. Hey Traci!!! Thank you for stopping by my Blog! It is OFFICIALLY allowed to pull all your Christmas Decor out on Nov 1st!!! In the life of an Interior Designer, we are in FULL CHRISTMAS MODE! Already out decorating trees..YAY! Christmas is my FAV too :-) I will be your newest follower as soon as im done with this forever long comment..LOVE you Read...made me Laugh out Loud! I think a large glass of water and a HOT bath might help the headache..Ive been there...worked for me! Again, thanks for come back as I am doing a new Tree for 14 days..EEEKKKK! Off to click your google follow :-)xoxokara

  3. I don't know if I agree with your theory about the wine causing headaches. I might have to try it to see. =)

    As usual, Traci, reading your blog is like listening to you talk....except I can laugh right out loud (which I would never do to your face while you were talking. LOL)

    Oh...and the picture of Abigail ALSO made me laugh right out loud. Her expression tells the story! ha!

  4. By the Way...If you go hit my google follow, you are in for our fabulous giveaway!!! Goes through Tomorrow...its bath and body goodies to die for!!!

  5. I would trade that vino for the half a bowl of candy that I've eaten today. HA!

  6. Glad you had a great birthday weekend, Traci. Mine started ok until my mom almost collaped and back to the hospital she went. She is fine now, I think they will release her tomorrow. I think I just pushed her into walking too much and it was hot but she said she was cold so she was wearing a thick jacket....Christine

  7. I LOVE Halloween... so what a fun post to read! Too funny about the "fashion show" by some of the neighborhood women. From your pic, I'm telling you that you looked great and that you had to have looked better than most. Glad you had a good time. Thanks for an entertaining post... I'm going to chack out your blog!

  8. OK...Im a dunce!!! You are...I try to lways respond to my new friends and since I hadnt yet I got ALL CONFUSED! You are too cute..."I THOUGHT I was"...You are correct QT! Do you have a "Button" cause I didnt see it , but I will copy and paste it onto my site if you do..I will look again...xoxo