Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Suggestion

Please if you're one of the few people that still write checks when you're in a store, PLEASE don't wait until the cashier is finished ringing up all your stuff & tells you the total to BEGIN writing the check. I'm asking as a fellow shopper who tries very hard not to hold up a line. Back in the day I worked at Sam's. That was before debit cards. It was everyone's pet peeve to get that person in their line. It annoyed everyone. Not to mention it slowed down your transaction speed.

Why do I bring this up today you ask?? Because I went to Michael's at lunch. Yes, I know. I spend entirely too much time there & at Hob Lob. I can't help it. I'll show you what I got later. Possibly tomorrow. Anyway, as usual the lines in Michael's were RIDICULOUS! I was in line but there was a refund going on & I could see it was going to take awhile so I switched lines. Everything was moving right along until the cashier gave the lady her total. She proceeded to take her checkbook out of her purse & I knew. Crap! Honestly, I didn't know people still wrote checks when they were in a store. I wouldn't have been so annoyed but like I said I was at lunch. I don't have all day. I tried not to get too aggravated. I'm the first to admit I have less than zero patience but I'm trying. It would just be nice if everyone would just be a little bit more considerate towards everyone else. I think the world would be a better place. OK so that was my little public service announcement for the day. Moving on....

Karen at Karen at Home  & Shannon at Webbisodes are hosting an ornament exchange. It sounds like a lot of fun & I love ornaments & getting mail. Check them out if you want to participate!



  1. Halarious story!!! And, OK...So maaaaybe i had 2 glasses! Bum! Callin me out like dat! LOL!!!


  2. I think I've written like one check in the last six months. HA!

  3. I hear ya. Who writes checks? I was at Michaels yesterday too.

    PS Love the bird story. He!

  4. I don't think I even remember how to write a check...I didn't think people really wrote checks anymore!

    It never fails when I am in a hurry other people take their sweet time....GAhhhh!

  5. I had to laugh because that is what my mother in law would do. In addition, her handwriting is just beautiful so it isn't a fast thing!! I love her dearly but she has always been a stay at home 1950's wife/mother that schedules everything to have as much time as she needs to complete! She would definitely be one of those people that would not realize she is holding up the line. She thinks everyone does it that way!!! I would get aggravated because she stops in the middle of the asile at the grocery store and no one can get around her!! Overall, she is a wonderful MIL and grandma so I'll keep her!! However I feel your pain because I have very little patience and still working on that!

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