Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy October!!

No, I'm not a big fan of Halloween. I mean I don't have strong feelings against it, I'm just not a oh yay let's go dress up & go to a party. October is my favorite month though. Our anniversary is the 4th & my birthday is the 29th. What big plans do we have Saturday you ask?? Yeh that would be a big fat nothing. We'll go to dinner but it won't be Saturday because you know, there's a LSU game to watch. We do have a trip to Napa booked in a few weeks. I'm looking forward to that. I also have a girls trip o the beach planned for next weekend. My Half Marathon is Oct. 19th so we'll be in Mandeville for that. Looking at all that makes me realize that it's going to be November before I know it. That means Christmas will be here soon. I don't think I'm ready for that.

Friday night we went to Live After 5:00 to see Werewolf. Love them! They play lots of 80's & 90's music.

Saturday was my 10 mile run. I was registered for a 5K so I had to break up the run. I wasn't sure how this would work for me.I got up at 5:15 & got 7 miles in before the race.

When I finished I grabbed some water & took off to the race. It was at Pennington Biomedical. Allie did the race with me. We didn't take any pictures. I was running this race for the mileage. The plan was to not worry about my time.

My official chip time was 30:53 which is just a couple of seconds slower than my PR. I was shocked! I was 4 in my age group. I can't figure out how to feel about this. I almost PR'd & I'd already ran 7 miles sooooo that means I should be able to go faster when just running a 5K. It's just weird. After the race I managed to get in a nap but believe it or not it was only 1.5 hours. What I did not do was take an ice bath. When I start getting up to 9 or so miles I try to do an ice bath. It definitely works! I've been sore this week.

Saturday night was the LSU game. We got together with our friends & I ate way too much. Crab dip, bruschetta, lasagna, bread, corn dip and this

WEDDING CAKE CUPCAKE!!! Seriously, I couldn't resist. I kept telling myself I ran 10 miles but really I did not need all of that food.

Sunday my parents came over & we were hoping to swim but it rained. Oh well. It's supposed to be cool this weekend so we may be done swimming for the year.

Monday morning I was up early to get my run in.

I was happy that I got the whole 5 miles done because there was a light rain.

This morning was tough. I got up ok but I was sore & tired.
I got it done. The annoying boot campers got me going too. I've mentioned before how they take over the road. Today there was a tire & a rope. I don't know if they're doing Crossfit or what. They need to learn to share the road!

At some point today I developed an eye twitch. OMG so annoying! Seriously, it's driving me crazy. I hope it disappears as fast as it appeared.



  1. You have a very busy month! Happy Anniversary! And I agree about Halloween. It was a big deal years ago with the kids...our neighbors loved to party so we always hosted a pot luck and had a ball. Now my thrill is handing out the candy and treats! A whole new generation of kids at my door!

    Your running, the discipline, just amazes me! I truly think you can splurge on a big meal once in awhile. I have been good and then lax about the gym, I do love to run but it's always my lungs, not my body that want to quit first. But like anything, you keep at it and get better.

    Thanks for popping in! :)

    Jane xx

  2. Your October is going to fly by, girl!

    YAY for all the running!!!!

  3. Our October is going to fly by too - two gymnastics meets and actually going to an LSU game this year plus my birthday (just a few days before yours)

    I'm impressed with your dedication - I'm not a runner and I so wouldn't have gotten up and run 7 miles before running a 5k!

  4. Man I need a girls weekend at the beach. That sounds just perfect right about now!

  5. I just simply could not keep up with you!! October will be gone before we know it!