Friday, September 26, 2014


Like seriously thank goodness. I'm sooooo tired. Last night was the big One Direction concert. My friend Suzy was bringing her little girl Stafford & her friend. They had an extra ticket so I went too. I've always had a thing for boy bands. Story of My Life is a really, really good song.

I spend the day yesterday drinking coffee & tea in anticipation of the late night. They picked me up at my office at 4:00.

Thank goodness we didn't leave any later. It took us 2.5 hours to get to the Superdome. Normally, it's an hour drive. We spent the ride listening to One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer who was opening for them.

Our seats were pretty good. Especially, considering how big the Dome is. Due to the excessive amount of traffic and a no left turn sign we weren't able to eat before getting to the concert. Yay, Dome food! HA! I had chicken tenders, fries & a Coke. Apparently, the Dome doesn't sell Dr Pepper. Nothing annoys me more than when I'm going to have a drink & there's no DP. My second choice would be Sprite but considering the late night I was anticipating I went with Coke. I needed the caffeine. I
t was ok. Of course it cost like $5. Oh well.

The concert was supposed to start at 7:00. Notice I said supposed to. At 7:15 5 Seconds of  Summer came out. They were cute & put on a good show. They played for 45 minutes.

In retrospect I'm glad we didn't get to the concert any earlier. That would've have meant sitting in the meat locker that was the Dome for even longer. I cannot begin to imagine how much the electricity bill is. Every little while I could feel a gust of wind. Apparently, I was under a vent. We were on the second level so it's not like we were close to the ceiling. I'm sooo glad I didn't wear shorts or capri's. My poor toes were frozen & numb.

At 9:30, yes 9:30, an hour and a half after the opening act finished, One Direction decided to grace us with their presence. Geeze. The natives were getting restless & the mama's, daddy's & friends of the families (me) were getting highly annoyed. The only saving grace was the people watching. There were the little girls, like 5 & 6 years old that were sooo excited to be there & soooo adorable, there were the squealing tweens that squealed at EVERY. LITTLE. THING. There were the teenagers that wanted to be older and there were the mama's that wanted to be younger. There was a chick dressed as a banana and another dressed in a very fluffy, rainbow colored tutu with matching furry looking leg warmers. I'm not describing her well. Think Dr. Seuss and Whoville. The most entertaining thing we saw was one of the guys that walk around selling water was really enjoying all the music they were playing. He danced & danced all while selling water. Which brings me to something else. There was a "safety video" before the show & they kept replaying it. Things like don't push, don't throw things & drink lots of water. HUH??? Weird. Then there was the security guard that got in on the act. He danced too. Very entertaining. The one thing that I didn't see was anyone in Nike shorts & a t-shirt that's too big for them. SHOCKING DEVELOPMENT RIGHT THERE. I don't know how it is where y'all are but that's a common sight in Baton Rouge with the high school & college girls. I promise you I would've never left the house looking like that back in the day.

So, finally, the lights went out & the squealing louder than you ever thought possible started.

The lights are all phones. Harry said to hold up your phone & I mean when Harry Styles says to do something it gets done.

With all the strobe lights I never got a good picture but here they are.

I'm not sure what the delay was in starting the show. They didn't put any thought into their outfits - t-shirts & skinny jeans - and Harry didn't fix his hair. It was in a bun. There was some talk that some sort of craziness was going on back stage because Liam came out with a cast on his arm. I'm not sure what's going on with the youth of today. It took me about 1.2 seconds to find out that Liam broke his arm in Vegas on Sept. 16th at his 21st birthday party when he attempted to break dance. What's the point of an iPhone if you don't use Google???

The boys put on a good show, not as good as NKOTB - they don't have quite as much personality, but it was good. They didn't do a lot of talking but when they did it was all thanks for coming & NOLA, you're the loudest place we've been which I'm sure they say everywhere they go but that resulted in a whole new round of screams & squeals. They played from 9:30-11:15. I would've been happier if they cut out the chit chat.

Thankfully, traffic wasnt't as bad going home. I walked in the house at 1:00 this morning. Needless to say there was no workimg out this morning. This is what happens when I get 4.5 hours of sleep.

This was followed by a Dr. Pepper!

My plan was to go straight home from work & take a nap. Imagine how excited I was when the boss said we could leave at 12:15 because there wasn't much going on. I had a delightful 3 hour nap!

Have a great weekend!



  1. Ahh, a three hour nap, sounds Heavenly! The niece always orders DP anywhere we go, and oh my, when they don't sell them, we have to go thru every drink they sell, and think very intensely about what we will order, lol. She is a DP addict, and I have to hide them at home in order to limit her intake.

  2. Hi Traci, glad tyou had a pretty good time. It soundfs like it was a LOOOONG night, but the girls enjoyed it all so that's good.