Wednesday, September 3, 2014


There just isn't anything the least bit exciting going on. Friday night we ate at Chimes. One of the suspended LSU football players was sitting at the table next to us. He had ear buds in so I was a little surprised to look up & see him giving us the stink eye when the guys were talking about "Club Ops" & how stupid it was. There was a special about LSU football on TV last week & it showed what the players refer to as Club Ops. Basically, they're in an auditorium in the Football Operations building & Les Miles (LSU's head football coach) is playing music & the team is "dancing". I don't call it dancing because they were just hopping around like a bunch of fools. (Aishlea did y'all see this on TV?). The way they were carrying on it's a only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. Anyway, that was our Friday night excitement.

Saturday I did this.
Started my run at 5:53 a.m. I was slow but you know what I'm going to say next. It was hot. I try to not get down on myself for my speed because I know I do better when the weather's cooler but I just want to always improve & this isn't improvement. BUT I did run 8 miles without stopping.  Gotta look at the positives. After my run I stretched & foamed rolled. I've been doing both religiously. Whatever it takes to not get injured. After that I got in the pool for a little while. It seems to help with my recovery. I'm not sure why but I haven't been sore. I managed to stay awake for awhile but then the rain came. I was out for 3 hours. This seems to be a recurring Saturday theme.

We went to Mass Saturday afternoon  & to Caliente to watch the LSU game. We stayed until half time & then went back to The Baxter's for the rest of it. They won but barely. This has the potential to be a very long season.

Sunday was Dean's Godchild's birthday. We went to his party. He was 13. There were 30 kids there. In the pool. 30 kids in a pool is LOUD!! They had fun though.

I was very happy to have an extra day off this week. I decided not to set the clock & run when I woke up. I left at 6:30.  

Monday's training was a 5 mile run. I made sure that I didn't finish too close to my house because I wanted to walk for a little while after my run. It helps me cool down & I never have time for that when I run before work.

1.77 miles followed by a dip in the pool. I had every intention of NOT taking a nap & getting some things done around the house. Well, that didn't happen. However, I only slept for an hour. Maybe my naps are relative to how far I run!



  1. No we didn't see that! Ha!!! :) you are doing so awesome on your training! I am hoping to be done with travel jobs next week and have got to get my butt in gear!

  2. I bow to your stamina for doing any exercise in that humidity! Hubby and I go to the gym three times a week, but today he had to to a funeral out of town. He left early, so I went out and walked the neighborhood -- gotta get out there early or the heat will just burn through you.

  3. Eight not poor mouth yourself for that OMGosh!! I know you know how dangerous this heat can be...and with our humidity on top of that....come on! I think you have done great, and "slow" timing in this heat shouldn't be a concern. And you deserve long naps, too, as far as I am concerned. Your doing great, but just be careful in this heat.