Thursday, August 28, 2014


I'm pretty sure I've mentioned about 8,954 times how hot it is. The truth is, it hasn't been brutally hot until the last couple of weeks'.We've had a unseasonably, not crazy hot summer for the most part but geeze when it gets crazy hot, it's hot! I had a 7 mile run scheduled for Saturday & I knew I had to get started early. Friday night was a quiet night, just Dean & I & Cindy & Brad went to Caliente. I drank water all night & went to bed early. The clock was going off at 5:30.

So 11:05 average per mile was slower than last weeks 6 mi. but that's ok. The heat was bad. I think Saturday I'll be getting up earlier.

There aren't usually any interesting sights to see on my runs. I run through my subd. & check out which houses are for sale. There's the usual roadkill - armadillos,squirrels & possums but that's about the extent of it. Until Saturday.
That would be a crawfish with one claw. It was making its way across the street. He either escaped before being thrown in a pot of boiling water or was dropped from the mouth of a bird. I'm going with the bird thing because it's not really crawfish season & since he only had one claw that lends itself to the bird theory.I don't think I've mentioned lately, I HATE BIRDS! Sorry if that offends anyone but you know that whole to each his own thing. So yeh that was the highlight of my run.

Next up was some weed pulling. Seriously, we could employ a gardener & I don't think he'd ever run out of things to do. I honestly believe when we pull one weed, several sprout in its place. It's exhausting. Did I mention we were under a heat advisory? The weed pulling didn't last too long & I got in the pool to cool off. Thank goodness for the pool. After lunch I took a nap.We didn't have any plans for the rest of the day so I didn't have to wake up to get ready for anything. I had a delightful 3 hour nap. That may be my favorite part of half marathon training. I sleep really really good!

Once I woke up it was back in the pool & Dean grilled steaks. One problem with half training is that I'm ALWAYS hungry. Well, that's the case when I'm not training too. Anyway, my most favorite food in the whole world is french fries. I think I could eat them every single day & not get tired of them.

I had them with my steak. YUMMO!

Since we didn't go to Mass Saturday we got up early & went Sunday morning & had breakfast after at Another Broken Egg.

They had a really good latte! I had this egg scramble thing that had veggies, ham & bacon bits in it & a side of grits. It was delicious!!!

We didn't have any plans Sunday either. I may or may not have taken another nap but it was much shorter than 3 hours.

Dean cooked this on the grill

It's a drunk chicken. When I walked in the kitchen & saw this it kinda freaked me out. The first thing I thought of was the Thanksgiving Friends episode that Joey puts the turkey on his head. It was good but still weird.

I had to increase my mileage this week.

4.5 miles on Monday. I've been keeping up with the August 30 Day Challenge I'm participating in & also throwing in a couple of weight workouts.

Wednesday's run. It wasn't quite as hot as Monday & I went a tad faster but I felt sick when I finished. After about 10 minutes I was ok.

Yesterday, we booked our hotel for the half marathon. Now I just have to register for the race itself. I was waiting to make sure I was going to be able to do it & the price doesn't increase for a couple of weeks so I just haven't done it. I did see that there is a 10 mile option so if I don't feel like I'm ready for 13.1 I can do it.

I saw this somewhere yesterday & it made me laugh.

HAHAHA! I think most of us can relate to that right?!



  1. Girl, I totally understand HOT! I ran at 4:30 last Friday morning and it was already in the 80's here in South Alabama. We were suppose to run 5 but we only made it for 4. I drank 48 oz of water during my cool down.

  2. It is CRAZY hot here too, like you can't even breathe. I was off my schedule a bit because I just couldn't do it. It's the humidity of course.
    Do you remember when that random crawfish attacked me on my driveway that time?? (oka, maybe not attacked, but it was hissing - and I DON'T live in LA???)
    The Canadian loves to make drink chicken, but hasn't in a long while.