Thursday, August 21, 2014

Working Out

I like to post about my workouts because I can easily look back & see how I've progressed. Last week I followed the training plan for the Half Marathon that I used last year. I'm using Hal Higdon's Novice 1. I could probably move up from novice but I'm not going to. I haven't looked at the differences. I may switch when I train for the January race but I'm actually hoping that between Oct. & Jan.  I'll just keep doing a long run on the weekend so I won't have to start over.

Last week I had (2) 4 mile runs. I did those on Monday & Wednesday. I like the Mon., Wed. schedule because that gives me 2 rest days before my Saturday long run.  Thursday afternoon I went for a bike ride.

9.5 miles. I'm not going for crazy fast with these bike rides. I go fast enough to get my heart rate up & burn some calories.

Saturday's long run was 6 miles.

It was hot & I had all sorts of issues before I started. Mainly contact problems. Some days it just takes a little while to get them in & then one was bothering me. I decided to see how far I could go without looking at my watch. Some days looking at the watch makes the run seem slower, sometimes it doesn't bother me. The first time I looked at it I was at 4 miles. Yay! I looked again at 4.94. I looked again when I thought I was getting pretty close to 6 miles & was shocked to see I was at 6.1. I was planning to go to boot camp after but I had so many issues getting started that I would've been pushing it to get there on time & I was sooooo hot that I decided to just skip it. I got in the pool for awhile to cool off & it was delightful.

Once I got out of the pool I put on my compression socks & took a nap. I LOVE these socks. They really feel good. I ordered a pair of Calf Sleeves so I can wear them to work in the summer. I may like those better than the socks just because they're easier to get on.

I've also been keeping up with the 30 day challenge. It requires a ton of squats & my knees weren't loving that so I do squats some days & the rest of the time I do leg lifts or something.

I was up bright & early Monday morning for my run.
Another 4 miles & at a decent pace.

I didn't end up running Wednesday because I made the mistake of taking a Mucinex at noon with my lunch Tuesday. It's the only medicine that doesn't completely knock me out. So much so that I was wide awake at 1:00 am, 2:05 am, 3:00 am & 3:40 am. Around 3:45 I made the executive decision that if I wasn't awake on my own at 4:30-4:45 I wasn't running. Thankfully, I fell asleep & at 5:30 when I really needed to get up I didn't.  I slept another 20 minutes & then had to wear a ponytail to work. Oh well. I didn't make the same mistake yesterday. I took the meds at 6:30 with breakfast & you know what?? I STILL felt them this morning when I got up. It's so crazy the way I react to medicine. I wouldn't take it at all but I have stopped up ears that lead to me being dizzy so I have to do something.

I ran but I swear every step felt like I was running through jello.

My time reflected that too. Good grief! But hey, I got it done & that's what's important. I decided again to see how long I could go before looking at my watch - 4.11 miles. I'll take it.

Anyone training for anything??



  1. Nope, no training here. I do five miles Mon-Fri at our local track, and of coarse Sophie has a doggie stroller and goes with me. Yesterday she didn't go, and it was all I could do to get my 5 miles in without having that stroller to lean on, lol. I probably look like one of those old people that have those rolling walkers, walking really, really fast, lol. It really doesn't matter, I always get looked at as if I have two heads for pushing a dog around anyway. Keep up the good work, Traci, your doing great! I can remember when you first started running!!!

  2. CEP is the best brand ever!!!!!!
    I woke up yesterday with my hips hurting and I haven't even exercised. I just want to cry BC I miss running so much.
    I pray you stay injury free!!

  3. I think it's wonderful that you blog about your running -- it's very inspiring!

  4. I have really got to get back on track. I was doing SO well before school started back. In 3 short weeks that has all gone to hell between work and rain. I did put in 3 miles on Saturday which felt good.

  5. I get tired every time I visit you, lol. I wish I had your will power and stamina but keep up the good work!....Christine