Wednesday, September 17, 2014


That's what last weekend was & lots of weekends in the foreseeable future. Friday after work I had a hair appointment.

Getting my highlights & no, that's not wine it's water.

Friday night our friends that live in Texas were in town for the game so we all went to Chimes for dinner.

Such a fun night.

Saturday I was up bright & early for my run. Earlier in the week the weather people had me all excited about a cold front that was coming. Yeh, that didn't happen but I'm not complaining too much because it was cloudy the entire run & there was a breeze. I timed it perfectly because as soon as I finished it started raining.

9 miles done! I rewarded myself with a pedicure after. I took an ice bath after my run & got ready & was at the nail salon at 9:00 when they opened but they weren't opened. I got a coffee & waited & they still didn't open so off I went to another salon. The sign said they opened at 9:00. They were closed. Weird. Salon number 3, all three of the salons are within a mile of each other, sign said it opened at 9:00 & it was closed. By this point I was beginning to think someone didn't want me to have a pedi. Was it a Vietnamese holiday I didn't know about? Do they not open on home game days because they're so close to campus & traffic is a nightmare? I made my way to Salon number 4 which required me to pass Salon number 1 again & I saw there were lights on. Apparently, they were just running late. I was happy because they give the best leg massage & I needed it after those 9 mi.

I'm tired of pink so I went with Essie "Lapis of Luxury". Then it was nap time.

It was our turn to host our neighbor friends for the game.
The cupcake was delicious!! It went really well with my Champagne & Chambord!

Sunday morning after Mass Scott & Lydia dropped Logan off at our house while they went to run & my friends Vicki & Allison brought their boys over & we all swam.

Logan loved these weird gloves that Lane brought over.

Logan, Cael & Lane

I don't know if something weird is blooming right now or it's just my sinuses but I didn't feel great last week & I took meds all weekend. Needless to say I was not in the mood to get up at 4:30 Monday morning so I didn't. I did get up Tuesday for my run.

My next run is tomorrow & then I have to figure out what I'm doing about my long run over the weekend. We're going to Texas Friday to watch our nephew play football & then we're visiting with friends the rest of the weekend & will come home Sunday. I can't decide if I want to do the long run Sunday morning or wait until we get home & do it Sunday evening. I'll figure it out.

How was y'alls weekend?



  1. Ours wasn't as busy as yours, but busy enough for us. Our son flew in from VA Friday night to celebrate his son's b-day and then to go on the Peru trip with his dad. Saturday, we all went over to Scottsdale to get both his kids, then we went to a fun burger place called PopDoddy -- it was Parker's choice as the b-day boy who is now officially a teen -- YIKES! Then we went to this indoor race car place where Michel and the kiddos drove these small Indie car relicas on a very winding track. The place was called High Octane -- that gives this Nana a "warm fuzzy!" They had a great time & we capped it off with sundaes at the Sugar Bowl. Then early Sunday morning, I dropped the adventurers off at the airport for their long flight to Peru. After that, I made myself HomeGoods happy with a little shopping! I think I just made myself tired!

  2. We've been busy too! I'm looking forward to mid-October, which is our next free weekend!