Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Anniversary Weekend

Friday night we went with my parents & Logan to Live After Five. It's downtown on Friday's during the fall & there's a different band every week. The weather was fabulous and we had a good time. After it was over Dean & I stopped at WalkOns to eat. This is the Ta-Ta Tamer!

It was really good and $3.00 goes towards breast cancer research. Just doing my part! We ordered the onion ring tower. I know it says tower but I wasn't expecting this. 

I swear it was like 10 lbs. of onions. They were really good but we didn't finish them until last night. No joke!

Saturday was our anniversary. We had errands to run so we had breakfast out. We went to Another Broken Egg. Sooo good! These are biscuit beignets.

Really good & the honey marmalade was amazing!

I've become a huge fan of eggs benedict. This had crab cakes. Wow! Delish!

Saturday night we went to Caliente with some of the regular crew to watch the LSU game. We last until the beginning of the third quarter & decided to call it a night. It's not fun to lose.

Since it was our anniversary we did manage to take a picture. I'm not happy with it but whatevs.

I did my long run Sunday with Scott & Lydia at the LSU lakes. It's so pretty out there.

There are several different lakes & lots of trees and gorgeous houses. 

It's very obvious by the pics that I'm not usually a take pictures while I run girl. I'll have to practice.

If we ever win the lottery I will be living with a view of one of these lakes.
 It will have to be a big lottery!

We're all running the Gulf Coast Half in Mandeville on the 19th. Lydia ran 10 mi., I did 11 and Scott did 13 (Showoff). It's bad enough that you know he's fast & he's running further than you are but when he starts after you & goes running by & then passes you again when you've only ran 8 it's a bit annoying. Did I mention Scott taunts us as he goes by? Yeh, annoying.

11 miles in 2:04 & I burned 1191 calories. One thing about running later than I normally do is that I don't have as much time to eat back all of the calories I burned!!



  1. Oh my, I can't get past the onion ring tower. That looks just absolutely fabulous!

  2. You made me hungry! I think it's a great pic, I don't think I've ever seen your hubby. Happy Anniversary!

    Jane xx

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend of anniversary celebrations -- I wish you all the best and many, many more great celebrations!

    Okay, now I understand how you can eat all those delicious foods and stay so slim. I'm ecstatic when I burn 300 calories, but I try not to use them in my 1230 cal/day eating plan.

  4. Belated Happy Anniversary, Traci!Ours is Oct. 5th. You look really cute in the picture. The eggs benedict looks yummy...Christine