Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Beach!!

Thursday after work Jackie & Cindy picked me up & off we went to the beach! We stopped in Mississippi to eat at The Shed. It's so good!

This is what we woke up to Friday morning.

We had gorgeous weather!

We spent the day at the beach.

Malibu is my favorite. So good with pineapple juice & blue curacao! Friday night we headed to the outlet mall in Foley. Imagine how happy we were when we went in Michael Kors to find a sale going on! We shopped for awhile & then had dinner at Doc's Seafood. It's another hole in wall but good. Since Jackie & her husband bought their condo last year they've scoped out lots of good restaurants. I thought this was the cutest thing.

I ordered a Dr Pepper. I hadn't had one in awhile. They brought me a glass & then this cute pitcher full of DP. I didn't drink it all but it wasn't for lack of trying. I hated that it was going to waste. The others ordered Diet Coke & tea & both got a little pitcher.

Saturday morning Sheri & Steph were coming to town so while we waited Cindy & I worked out.

I stuck with the exercise bike. Once they got there we were off to the beach.

I CANNOT STAND THE BIRDS! After I took this picture there were 8 of them in a line & they all had their backs to me. I was eating some chips. It was like they thought I didn't know they were paying attention because their backs were to me but I knew what they were doing. Finally, they flew off to annoy someone else.

We lovingly refer to Cindy as our cup lady. She handles all of our group's styrofoam cup needs & let me tell you it's a big job.
Of course there were beach appropriate ones! Aren't they adorable?

Jackie with her white peeps! It's really disconcerting to sit next to her at the beach! I'm lathering myself with SPF 55 because of course I missed spots Friday & have some random burned places while Jackie coats herself with SPF 4 oil.

After spending the day on the beach we went BACK to the outlet mall. Everyone wanted to go back to visit Michael. I bought my anniversary gifts. A cross body bag that also converts to a shoulder bag & a new pair of sunglasses. With the sales that were going on I could've bought several more things but I refrained. We shopped & had dinner at Cosmo's. We ate on the patio & it was such a nice night.

We were sad to go home Sunday but we had breakfast at Another Broken Egg before we left. It was delicious! I've really become a big fan of breakfast.



  1. Ah! Beach, girls trip and shopping at the outlets??? Sounds heavenly.

  2. Sounds like y'all had a great time, and ate at some fun places! In a few more years, you will be very glad for using that SPF 55. I've seen more than my share of those "oiling up types," now in the 60+ age range who wish they had not done that. It is SO NOT PRETTY!

  3. You all look so cute! What a fun trip. I love shopping at outlets....Christine

  4. i can NOT wait for beach days again!!!!!! - XO