Friday, October 3, 2014

I Think I'm in Love

Have y'all heard of Kendra Scott? She's designs all sorts of fabulous jewelry. Really, really cute stuff. Sweet little Amelia-Ann, my neighbor, turns 16 today. I can't imagine how her parents feel because I'm in shock over the whole thing. She was 6 & the cutest little girl ever when we moved in. I wanted to get her an actual gift rather than a gift card or something. Her older sister mentioned Kendra to me & I knew that was perfect. So off I went Wednesday after work. I found a super cute necklace for her. Well, I think it's super cute but who knows, she's 16 after all. Anyway, I'd love it if someone gave it to me. Wednesday night was ladies night & all bracelets & rings were 15% off. I bought myself a bracelet.

I'm not sure what my problem is but when shopping for gifts for other people I always find stuff for myself.  Anyway, if you're looking for cute jewelry you should check out Kendra.

Last night we went to Flemings for our anniversary dinner. Our 11th anniversary is tomorrow but there's a LSU game so we'll be watching that with friends.The food was delicious! No pictures because I feel a little self conscious whipping out the camera in a semi-fancy restaurant. I had an amazing wedge salad that had a strip of bacon instead of crumbles & little slabs of blue cheese. So very good. I wasn't in the mood for steak but they had sea bass last night & it was delicious. We splurged & had dessert too. Carrot cake. Yes, I know, who gets carrot cake in a restaurant? So glad we did. It was amazing! It was served with homemade chantilly whipped cream. They even put a little candle on it for our anniversary. It was a good night.

Have a great weekend!



  1. Looks like really pretty jewelry...I'm sure she will love the piece you picked out for her!!!
    Happy Anniversary!!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and Dean, Traci! The bracelet is really cute. I have the same problem. I always end up buying something for myself whenever I buy a gift for someone....Christine

  3. Pretty! I am sure she will LOVE it! :) And Happy Anniversary!!