Thursday, October 16, 2014

It's Almost Time!

Sunday is my 3rd Half Marathon. I don't have high expectations. In fact I'm trying to have no expectations. No expectations means you're never disappointed. When Sunday gets here it will be exactly 2 weeks since my last run. I have soreness in my right leg, at the top kinda where it meets your body, if that makes sense. It's not awful. I can pinpoint the exact day that the "injury" occurred. It was 2 weeks ago yesterday. I ran my 5 miles that morning, got to work & proceeded to walk up 6 flights of stairs 3 times that day. Our office is on the 6th floor. Then when I got home I did whatever day it was of the 30 day challenge which was a leg heavy workout. At that point I started to hurt. It got progressively better that week & I had a long run that Sunday. I ran my 11 miles, was a little sore but ok. I got in my car to drive home from the lakes which takes approximately 7 minutes. When I got out of the car walking was a problem. Luckily, it was better the next day. Some days are worse than others but I can deal with it. Anyway, all that to say no expectations. Not to mention it's going to be warmer than my previous Half's. Thankfully, it's not supposed to be crazy hot. The forecast says it will be 57 at the start of the race & should be in the low 60's when I finish. They say partly cloudy too which you'll never hear me complain about when running. I don't want to run in the rain, been there done that, but clouds are awesome!

Have you heard of the Warrior Dash? It's one of those crazy races that has mud, fire & lots of obstacles. My brother, Scott & SIL Lydia have done it before. They attempted to get me to do it with them. I'm not sure why they even tried. Complete waste of time. I've changed A LOT but I don't do mud & fire. Sweat is one thing, getting dirty is another. I don't like it. Scott finished 4th overall.

This was one of his race pictures. He looks rather clean here but at one point you slide down a giant slide into a pool of mud. BLECH!

My friend Cindy has committed to run the 2015 Disney Princess Half Marathon. At some point I'd love to do a Disney race. They're not cheap & they're very popular so they sell out. Cindy is running through their Charity Groups program. She's committed to raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Cindy's mom passed away a couple of years ago from Leukemia. Aside from donations Cindy planned a Virtual 5K. We're even getting cute shirts. 9 of us got together Monday morning & did our 5K.

Please excuse my crazy eyes & crazy reflecting shoes! Several of the ladies aren't runners so we all walked & talked. We had a lot of fun & I'm sure there were some people wondering what was going on because we got a little loud a couple of times.

When I put my watch on the battery was dead so we had to go old school & track our mileage using the phone. It felt good to get outside & do something since I hadn't been running.

Last night Cindy asked if anyone wanted to walk again. There were 6 of us this morning.

We were either slower today or the watch is just more accurate than the phone. My leg felt MUCH better. The more I walked the better it felt. Let's hope that's the case Sunday. Still no expectations.

Tonight we'll be switching things up a little & going to Caliente for dinner. Being that we're regulars there we've all gotten to know the owner & she's super sweet. Tonight she's donating a portion of sales to Cindy's fundraising effort. At this point I think we have somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 people going. It should be a fun night,


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  1. Good luck Sunday!!!! :)

    I'm with you- I do NOT have any interest in doing any of those mud races or any kind of obstacles. No thank you.