Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Busy Busy!

Friday was my first "early Friday" of the year. When tax season is over the office closes at 2:00 on Friday. It makes me so happy! I ran some errands & then went home. Dean & I had dinner at Caliente. It had been 2 WEEKS because we were at the beach last weekend & they were closed Easter Sunday. After dinner we went to LSU's baseball game. That was a really long game.

Saturday morning I was signed up to run the Baton Rouge Corporate Cup 5K.
Allie lives a couple of houses down (her parents are who we went to the beach with). For some reason she likes to hang out with us. She thinks we're fun. She's started the Couch 25K program so she signed up for the run too.This was obviously before the race.

Allison, me, Shauna & Allie getting ready to run. It was a little warm but cloudy & there was a breeze so that was nice. Tons of people ran. It was a lot of fun. I was feeling good & I looked at my watch the first time & it was at 1.47 mi. I didn't think I'd gone that far so I was excited. A couple of other times when I checked I was running faster than normal but I thought it was ok because I didn't have too far to go. Well, as it turns out I had further than I thought.The race was downtown where most of the races in Baton Rouge are but it was a different route. I don't know if it was because we were in the middle of a lot of tall buildings or what but at the GPS on my watch was off. When I crossed the finish line I thought I had a PR but I wasn't sure.

Yeh, there's no way I ran 3.64 miles in 30:49. That's how I know it was off. My official time was 30:45 & it was in fact a PR. I was really excited. It's not crazy fast but it's so much better than the first time I ran a 5K. It gives me hope that I may be able to do one in less than 30 minutes.

Jackie, me & Allie after the race. You can tell it's after because my face is red.  Jackie came to cheer us on since this was Allie's first 5K!

Allison, Shauna, me & Allie after the race enjoying treats. This race had tons of stuff. There was a band, Canes had lemonade & tea, there was jambalaya, Jimmy John's sandwiches, beer, water,  Powerade, granola bars, The Big Squeezie Juice Bar & a team cook off. Really fun!

After the race I had to go home & get ready because we were having a late lunch with Dean's parents & his brother who was in town from Texas. We went to Mike Anderson's which is one of my favorites. They have really good seafood. After lunch it was time for Mass & then back to the ballpark for the LSU game. Allie's friend Alexis sang the National Anthem. She did such a good job.

Gotta love a race that puts coffee mugs in the swag bag!

Sunday is  my "rest" day from the ballpark. Dean went to the game & my mom & I went to brunch.
I love Mimosa's!! Actually, I really love champagne. It probably doesn't matter what the mixer is. We went to Frankie Marcello's & had egg sardou. It's so so so good!
Monday morning I got up early & ran.
3.5 miles in 39:30 with an average heart rate of 151 & burned 296 calories. It's amazing to see that heart rate. When I first started running it was in the high 180's to low 190's! This morning I got up early & did a weight workout. I'm doing well with the getting up early. Maybe I'm finally back to my routine!