Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Head Hurts!

Which is why I didn't give any thought to the title. It's been hurting all day & it's annoying. Really annoying. So what's happened since Thursday?  I got up early Friday morning & worked out. After work we went to LSU's game. They won. From our seats we can see Tiger Stadium.

You can't really tell but that yellow sign in the background says"Tiger Stadium". I had to work Saturday. I thought it was just going to be a few hours but I ended up work until 2:00. We went to Mass & to eat at Caliente but it was getting cold, there was a threat of rain & it was windy so I went home while Dean went to the LSU game. I had really good intentions & was going to work out. Yeh, that didn't happen. Sunday I skipped the game & once again, did not work out. I should've ran but it was cold & windy & I couldn't make myself go. It was raining Monday morning so no run then either.

Monday evening I had a wake to go to & Tuesday was the funeral. Tuesday morning I did get up & workout. The plan was to get up early & run Wednesday. That didn't happen. I was soooo tired I just couldn't drag myself out of bed. I made myself run when I got home from work.

Slowly but surely I'm increasing my mileage. It bums me out that I went from running 13 miles to 4. Oh well. Did I mention that I'm all signed up for the Louisiana Half Marathon again next year? It's in January 2015. I've said before that I really like running in the morning because I love to have it done & I feel better but I really liked running when I got home because it was a gorgeous day. A little warmer than I like when I run but it was beautiful.

When I got home Tuesday, this greeted me.

That's 6 yards of landscape mix. It doesn't look like a lot & I'm guessing we'll need more but it's what we have for now. All of our landscaping needs a little freshening up. Over time the dirt just packs down so much & I like the built up look best so it's time to add to it. Poor Dean will be doing this without my assistance because I have to work again Saturday.

Other than that there isn't anything going on. It's been rather dull. I'm currently counting down the days until April 15th when there won't be anymore Saturday work & we'll go back to getting off early on Friday's!!



  1. I AM SOOOO ready for the 15th!!!!!!

  2. Hope that headache is gone by now. You are doing so awesome in your workouts and running!