Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Happy Day!!

It's Tax Day & I know for a lot of people that's not a happy day but for me it is. I work for a CPA Firm now & tax day means no more working Saturday's (I only had 2 but still) & back to getting off at 2:00 on Friday's. That's what I'm most excited about! Also, we get off early today & we have a crawfish boil tonight.

Friday morning I got up & ran.
3.50 miles in 38:34 for an average 9:35/mile. That time is good for me. Training for the half has made me faster when I run shorter distances.

During Lent I usually have a salad for lunch on Friday's but I wasn't in the mood so I decided to make some tuna fish. I buy the individual servings of Sweet & Spicy tuna. I was about to get the mayo out of the fridge when I remembered reading about substituting an avocado for mayo when making tuna. I happened to have an avocado on hand so I tried it.
It was a little different than mayo but so so good! I didn't take a pic of th actual tuna because let's be honest, tuna doesn't look all that appetizing. I used one pack of tuna, sweet relish, half of an avocado & a boiled egg. It made enough for my sandwich & I had a little extra that I ate on whole wheat crackers.

Saturday I had to work. It ended up only being 7:30-noon. When I left I stopped & got a chicken shawarma salad. The firm provides lunch on Saturday's but I would've had to wait around for it & I was all about getting out of there.
It was HUGE! So so so good too. I can't believe I just tried this a few months ago. After lunch I had a mani & pedi.

I tried a new place just because my place is always so busy & I wasn't in the mood to wait around. The new place was good but they didn't have my signature color - OPI's "I'll Take The Cake". I went with "Bubble Bath". It's the light color on the right. The color on the left is "My Address is Hollywood" & I have it on my toes. It's really pretty.  We leave for the beach Thursday so I needed good nails!

After Mass Saturday Dean & I stopped for our weekly visit to Caliente.

Jose was there so I was able to get a Jose Special. So good. Some of our friends showed up & we stayed for awhile listening to the band.

Sunday was run a day.

4 miles in 42:20 for an average 10:36 mile. I burned 404 calories.I was a little slower today. Probably because of the temp.  After my run I walked.

2.26 miles in 38:51 & I burned another 305 calories. My heart rate was up after the run. The temp was in the 70's & I thought for sure summer was on its way. Especially, when I went to Trader Joe's later & the temp was 87. Yeh, well, not so much. It was in the 40's this morning & will be in the 30's tomorrow. UGH! Once I got home I went ahead & did a weight workout too.

While I was out I decided to treat myself to Starbuck's. I wanted a frap but decided to make good choices so I had unsweetened green tea. I really love it.

I had a wild hair Sunday. I cooked. Dean grilled before going to the LSU game & when he got home he hauled around dirt & mulch. I'd seen a recipe for coconut chicken on a blog that looked easy so I tried it.

This is what the chicken looked like when it came out of the oven.

Here it is with the pinapple salsa & asparagus. It turned out good. I'd definitely make it again. Did I mention it was easy? Flop your chicken in flour, then in egg white, then coconut, then bake. Can't get a whole lot easier. For the salsa you just mix pineapples & the juice with chili sauce & cilantro. I'm not a huge fan of cilantro so I used green onions. It's only 268 calories per serving too. It'll be another few months before I cook again. I've mentioned that I don't enjoy it. I also tend to make lots of mistakes & ask a ton of questions but neither of those things happened with this dish so I'm taking that as a sign to cool it for awhile. If I get too carried away I'll screw something up for sure.


  1. You are so funny about the cooking-thing! You are very lucky to have a hubby who enjoys cooking. We would either starve or sustain on grilled cheese if cooking was left up to The Man.....lol! We do seem to go out to eat a lot more now than we ever use to, but The Man says I've cooked enough meals over our almost 45 years of marriage -- I'm not about to argue with that! That coconut chicken sounds really good!

  2. WOOHOO!! APRIL 15!!!!! We are still extending returns, even as I type!! It has been a wild day. My firm doesn't provide lunch when we work and we aren't doing any type of fun thing today or this week, other than closing Friday! ha!! :) Your chicken looks delish!

  3. I have tried that chicken and my husband loves it. Glad tax season is over. Enjoy your trip to the beach. I have been in fL for a month now and don't know when I will be back there. Can't believe it still goes down to the 30's. Enjoy your trip to the beach.....Christine