Monday, April 21, 2014

The Beach!!

Last week was pretty crazy but tax season is officially over so work will calm down. We had our end of the season crawfish boil Tuesday evening & they were really good.

Wednesday night I had to pack. We all know I'm NOT a fan of packing. Mother Nature can't make up her mind whether it's spring, summer or winter therefor I had to pack for all of the above. Really annoying!!

No, I don't need all of this stuff & I knew I didn't need all of this stuff but I didn't know what I WOULD need. So it all went with us.

We left at 2:00 on Thursday & I didn't think  we were ever going to get out of Louisiana. Something you may not know about the Baton Rouge area - TRAFFIC IS RIDICULOUS!! I ended up napping which was a surprise to no one. I slept through the entire state of Mississippi.

Dean found these at Sam's.

This one is Fizzy Pink Lemonade but they also have Pineapple & both were really good.

I was able to stretch out in the back seat of the truck. Jackie was already at the beach so it was just me, Dean & Dennis for the ride over.
Side note - compression socks are so awesome!!

Once we finally got to the condo we went to dinner at Franco's. It was DELICIOUS!!! Seafood lasagna was amazeballs!! We also made a little trip to the grocery store. I have serious issues with vacation eating.
These happened. Along with corn dip & Tostitos & Cool Ranch Doritos. There was also Dr. Pepper, mimosa's, etc.

It rained all night Thursday night & for the majority of the day Friday so we went shopping.
We may have gone a little overboard but we got some good deals!

We had lunch at Lulu's.
This was the Loopity Lu & it was FANTASTIC!!! I may have taken a picture of the menu so we can recreate it at home. We also had the most amazing fried okra. YUMMMM! Dean & I did share the seafood platter - so good & we actually had a to go box.

Friday night our plan was to eat at Cosmo's & then go to the FloraBama. Well, the wait at Cosmo's was an hour & a half & two people whose name's rhyme with Mean & Mennis didn't want to wait. We ended up at some place called Diamond Jim & Mrs Betty or something. People were leaving the restaurant & they were from Louisiana & said the steak "couldn't be better". The guys thought they could be trusted. They were from Louisiana after all. Well, since it was Friday there was no steak for Dean & I. The shrimp po-boy was good & Dean's fish was good. Not great but certainly not awful. The steak that Dennis got was NOT good. Like a bite of aluminum foil not good. Oh well. Live & learn.

Next stop FloraBama.
There were several bands playing & lots of people watching.

Saturday was BEAUTIFUL!!! Really breezy but beautiful!

All was good until I realized that I'd forgotten to put sunscreen on my feet. The tops of my feet are now very burned. It wouldn't be a beach trip if I didn't have some sort of sunburn. I try very hard but it always happens. We stayed out there all day & it was so relaxing.

Our view from the balcony. So pretty!

We decided to try Cosmo's again. The wait was only an hour.

You have to have a cosmo at Cosmo's! We were actually seated in 45 minutes & it was so worth it. I had the Chilean Sea Bass cooked in banana leaves with grilled veggies & Parmesan Risotto. So, so good!

I'd forgotten how much I like Orange Beach. There are so many different restaurants close by & lots of things to do. We'll be back in 3 weeks with my brother, sis-in-law & Logan. I can't wait!



  1. Cobolt is really good also, but my favorite is Villaggio at the Wharf. I live in Baldwin County but don't get to the beach as much as one would think.

  2. Ooo all those drinks look so good! I miss the beach… I need to find out if we are going to go this summer or not (we usually go with my parents so it all depends on them since they usually get the condo)

  3. Despite traffic woes, I'm so glad you had such an awesome vacay! You two look so cute on your balcony!

  4. I can definitely understand traffic! All those drinks look so yummy and your view is incredible! Lovin all these pics!

  5. Ok....yum on those fun malibu want to try them! And awesome about the oven baked cheetos....oh the things i miss living on the island.. Lol. We so would get along fabulously on a vacay!

    Xoxo from Texas