Thursday, May 1, 2014

Never Say Never

We're on Day 9 of waking up & working out before work. Yay!! Yesterday, I ran.

4 miles. Slowly but surely I'm increasing my mileage again.

I found something that I don't like at Trader Joe's.
Wasabi Roasted Seaweed.  How weird does that stuff look? I saw it at TJ's one day & the pack was .99. Well, I'll try anything for $1.00. Let's just say since it was only $1.00 I had no problem throwing the package in the trash. It wasn't the most awful thing I'd ever tasted but it wasn't good. I made Dean try it. He has an aversion to most things green, with the exception of guacamole, salad & green beans. We will not be adding seaweed to the list of green things Dean will eat. Judging by the look on his face it was the worst thing he'd ever eaten. Oh well, you have to try things right?

Any idea what these

and this 

have in common? One being that I've probably lost my mind, (again), but that's not it. Give up?
 I'm a 

Yes, I am. . What's Rocketchix you ask? A Triathlon. Not one of those 5150 or Iron Man things. This is a "mini" Tri I guess you'd say. All female, 200 yard swim, 12 mile bike ride followed by a 2 mile run. My friend Allie has magical powers & has somehow convinced me to do this with her. Originally, we were doing the Duathlon. Just a 2 mile run, 12 mile bike ride & 2 mile run again. It's bad enough I have to wear a bicycle helmet but I totally draw the line at a swim cap. Allie is very convincing so now I"m wearing a bicycle helmet & a swim cap. The race isn't until July. Our friend Cindy does some of those 5150 things but she started off with Rocketchix so she has lots of equipment she's letting us borrow including a road bike. I didn't know the bikes were different. Those shoes in the picture are the "clip in" type. Let me tell you clip in scares me & it's definitely something I have to practice. I can always put something called cages over the pedals & wear regular shoes. I'm leaning towards that. Allie already crashed trying to ride clipped in. I wasn't able to get clipped in on my own so I'm at a stand still!  We have a shopping trip planned this weekend to buy the dreaded helmet. That's something Cindy didn't have extra & we've also been instructed not to go to Walmart to buy one. . So as you can see, there's not a lot going on here!


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  1. Good for you, Traci! I think that is amazing!