Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Beach!

I've been MIA since last week. Things were a little hectic & we left Friday morning for the beach. My brother, sis in law & Logan went with us. It was a  lot of fun but I'm tired. Logan doesn't stop!

We went to Orange Beach & stayed at The Caribe Resort. It's really, really nice. The only "issue" is it isn't on the beach. It's on the bay. They have a trolley that will bring you to the beach but it is still on the bay. 

There are about a million pools & due to my lack of a sense of direction I have no idea exactly how many or where they are. There are water slides too.
 Logan loved it!
 The pools were really, really pretty!
They had a very nice gym that I planned to use but that didn't happen. I didn't run either. I've been  wanting to see if I could do a pull up so I tried that. Yeh, I can't do one. Like, at all. Apparently, this was a surprise to nobody but me.
We had Tacky Jack's for dinner Friday. The shrimp & grits were really good! NO andouille or tasso. Of course the waitress acted like I was speaking a foreign language when I asked. Is andouille & tasso only a Louisiana thing??

We enjoyed a lot of Mimosa's!

Saturday morning there was a little rain & a lot of clouds so Lydia & I went shopping while Dean & Scott took Logan to ride go carts & bumper boats. He said "it was AWESOME!". I didn't buy a ton of stuff but I did find some deals.
 I got this dress at Banana Republic. It was $110 & it was on sale for $23.99. It's navy blue & it's really cute on. I don't have a specific occasion to wear it but no way was I passing up that deal!
 We stopped at Lulu's for lunch. The blackened Mahi Mahi sandwich was AMAZING!!!

 There was sun when we got back so we played at the pools.
Logan sitting still didn't happen often! The water was cold so we headed to one of the indoor pools.
 Logan was showing us his back stroke. He did awesome swimming but he also likes his life jacket because he can go all over the pool.

The lazy river was very relaxing!

I'm getting my days confused but one of those nights we had dinner at Cosmo's. Y'all, that place is soooo good! I had the sea bass, Logan had fried fish (his 3rd time of the trip) & everyone else had steaks that they raved about.
We had to wait a little bit for a table. Logan photo bombed us.
 The beach was fine, the water isn't the prettiest on the bay side but we had a good time. Logan got to play & we got to lay out.
We didn't go very far out because there was a rip current warning. We stayed awhile & then went to the condo for lunch & headed to the indoor pool.
The slides were really cute!
Monday night we had dinner at Franco's which is also delicious! The baked shrimp Parmesan was really really good!!!!

We stopped at The Shed on the way home yesterday for lunch. You may have seen it on the Food Network or Regis & Kelly. It's a hole in the wall for sure but the BBQ is really really good & it's won all sorts of awards!

I'm going to miss seeing that little face everyday.  He gives out lots of hugs & kisses. I think we've decided that our early May trip may be a thing of the past. The water is just a bit cold. Hopefully, we can go when it's a little warmer.

Now back to the real world. UGH.



  1. Great pics! :) You look fabulous! We decided not to do early May again either because we couldn't get in the water. This year, we are going in mid-August! I know it will be HOT but hoping that lots of kids are already in school.

  2. Looks like an amazing place!!! We have never, ever, in 46 years of marriage stayed at a real RESORT! Geesh! Looks and soundslike you had alot of fun!!!I am jealous:):)

  3. Sounds like a great place to vacate, and of coarse, you have my stomach growling!!