Friday, May 23, 2014


Tuesday night Dean & I went to Logan's t-ball game. It was one of his last.

I'm so glad we got to go. He hit a HR & got the game ball. He was VERY excited!

I was shocked that he was being still while waiting for his turn to bat.

I hate the fence but there weren't any spots for me to take pictures without it. I think he looks so professional & focused in this picture!

He made an out too! They're just too cute!

After the game we had dinner with my parents at Caliente - the Central location! Yes we're addicted, we know! Speaking of Caliente. I got a text last night with this picture

Do y'all know who that is??? It's Jason Aldean & Toby Keith! They're in town for Bayou Country Superfest. All sorts of country stars are playing in Baton Rouge this weekend. Reba & George Strait are tonight. Then I got this pic

Another friends daughter. When Ally saw Devin's pic she hightailed it to Caliente in hopes of getting there before they left. They ate on the patio. So even though we weren't there we can say that Jason & Toby ate on the same patio that we eat on all the time! The hood was represented!!!

Yesterday, I got a very exciting email at work. The office was closing at noon today. WHOOOPEEEE!!! It's the little things right?? I spent the afternoon running a couple of errands & shopping.

Do y'all have big plans this weekend? Aside from Caliente tonight & a race tomorrow we'll be relaxing at home in the pool. Have a great weekend!


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