Monday, June 11, 2012

Weird Weekend

This weekend was Super Regionals at LSU. Win this, you go to Omaha for the College World Series. LSU hasn't been to Omaha in the last 3 years & I didn't think this year would be any different. Turns out I was right. I would love to have a new coach & I'm not the only one. It's not going to happen. At least not this year.  I had to work Friday so I missed the 11 inning game that went on all day. Then it rained. A lot. We went to eat at Pluckers once they called the game. We had the most clueless waitress ever. It was bad.

We were at the park bright & early Saturday morning for the completion of Friday's game.
I didn't realize until I looked at this but Nike should send us something free. We're a walking billboard!

It took less than 10 mins. & LSU won. It was luck, pure & simple. They should've lost that game several times over the course of the day Friday.

35 minutes later it was time for game 2. LSU lost. They couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. Did I mentioned it rained again? Yeh, during the game but there was no lightening so they played through it. I distinctly remember telling Dean that "I'm not sitting out there in the rain". I even had my Nook in the truck just in case. What happened? I sat in the rain under an umbrella on & off for 2 hours. Stupid.

Yesterday's game was supposed to be at noon. We woke up to rain but it stopped pretty early. We were 20 mins. from leaving the house when Dean got a text saying that the game was being postponed to 7:00 because it was going to rain around 1:30 & they didn't want to start & then stop & start again. At 1:30 the sun was shining. We didn't get another drop of rain all day. I took a nap in preparation of a late night & early morning. It was short & not one of my best naps. LSU lost again. No Omaha. Congratulations Stony Brook. Before this weekend I'd never heard of them & I still don't know what a Seawolf is.

Needless to say 5:30 came very, very early this morning & I'm a little grumpy.  I'm ready for the weekend.....



  1. Brandon went to bed when they had scored 4 runs last night. He was very mad! All weekend he has been a little bitter. Sorry your baseball season and going to the games is over for this year.... I'm sure you miss it till it rolls around again!

    You do look like a nike ad! :) Maybe they will send you a free hat or shirt! Ha!

  2. I was so disappointed in the games too. I joke with my parents that if I am lucky enough for them to be on tv here they lose because I'm watching. I tried not to watch but ended up watching the Friday game until the rain delay and caught the 2nd inning on of the 2nd game (right as SB scored two runs.. not 5 minutes after I turned on the tv) When I left the room and came back to the bases loaded, only 1 out my hubby said if they don't score this inning I'll believe you about jinxing them... needless to say we didn't score. I can't be blamed for the 3rd game though because I didn't catch that one. I'm disappointed to have such a good season and lose so much at the end.

  3. Maybe a walking billboard, but looking good for sure!

  4. Cute photo of you two! Sorry you got rained out.

  5. I haven't seen you in pictures for a while buy you really look so good, Traci. Yeah, Nike should pay you..Christine

  6. Awesome picture of you guys!!

  7. Sorry it didn't work out for y'all! At least we have baseball, if not football. Haha!

  8. Great picture. Nike should be emailing you soon.

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